For the food and food packaging sectors, the ability to accurately monitor internal temperatures of product deliveries is absolutely critical. To ensure that temperature sensitive products are maintained within industry specified temperature ranges, The Wool PackagingCompany regularly uses Tinytag data loggers to subject its insulated packaging products, such as Woolcool®, to rigorous temperature trialling. In the case of chilled foodstuffs, products must be kept below 5°C for a minimum of 24 hours during delivery to the end user. This is a UK legal requirement under The Food Standards Act 1999.

The Wool Packaging Company was founded by multi-award winning packaging designer, Angela Morris and is nowleading the way in providing high performance, sustainable packaging solutions for clients large and small. The Wool Packaging Company specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of insulated packaging which use sheep’s wool as a natural ‘smart fibre’, proven to consistently outperform unsustainable products like polystyrene for time and temperature sensitive goods, including food and pharmaceuticals.

Tinytag Transit 2 data loggers are used to monitor temperatures at several different locations within an insulated package and also to record the external ambient temperature for comparison. Ambient temperatures may range between +35°C and down to -35°C in ‘real-life’ delivery situations and the packaging insulation must be able to withstand this variance. The Tinytag Transit 2 is lightweight and robust with a compactdesign, making it ideal for unobtrusive placement with consignments such asfood, pharmaceuticals and other products in transit by road, rail, sea and air. It is BS EN 12830 compliant to meet the demands of the frozen and chilled foods storage and transportation industries. Recorded data is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable: however if many units require rapid downloading for immediate analysis, an inductive pad is available to facilitate the process.

The Wool Packaging Company has used Tinytags for a number of years and found them to be consistently reliable, robust and capable of precise temperature measurement within the relativelylimited ranges required by their key market sectors, food and pharmaceuticals. Keith Spilsbury, Managing Director of The Wool Packaging Company concludes: “Tinytags have proved to be invaluable tools during our intensive 2012 R&D programme.”

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