Environmental monitoring for food and drink products in storage and transit is essential to ensure that temperatures are accurately maintained at specified levels and recorded for ongoing verification.

Tinytag-Plus-Ultra-RadioTinytag data loggers provide a flexible and easy to use solution. Tinytags can measure small changes in temperature, and loggers with external probes are available to monitor in hard to reach areas, fridges and freezers. They have an alarm which will activate if conditions fall outside a user-defined range.

Radio Data Logging System

The Tinytag Radio Data Logging System automatically gathers temperature/relative humidity data using wireless communications and is ideal for applications with multiple monitoring points including warehouses and storage areas. Direct access to data is available from the convenience of the user’s desk, with information viewed on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet.

The System consists of a receiver connected to a computer, and a number of radio data loggers which self-configure to form a robust mesh network. When the loggers are turned on, they find their place in the mesh network automatically and work together to transmit data via the receiver back to the PC.

Plus Radio data loggers are robust and weatherproof, and ideal for use in harsh conditions. They are also used in dynamic operations: for example, in distribution centres loggers can be fitted to monitor temperature in refrigerated delivery vehicles, storing data locally while the vehicle is out and then automatically offloading it once returned to the depot and within range of the mesh network.

Plus Radio loggers can be mixed and matched within a system with Tinytag Ultra Radio loggers which are more suitable for indoor monitoring in areas such as offices.

Standalone temperature data loggers

The Tinytag range also includes small standalone loggers which record data which is downloaded via a USB cable to a PC for analysis. They are ideal for initial warehouse temperature mapping: they can be left to record in particular areas then moved as required, and the recorded data used to provide an overall profile of environmental conditions throughout a facility. The Tinytag View 2 TV-4020 and Transit 2 temperature loggers are BS EN 12830 compliant to meet the demands of European legislation for frozen and chilled foods storage and transportation.


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