• Iceland has renamed its Wembley store to ENGLAND in support of the England football team ahead of their semi-final clash with Demark tonight
  • The supermarket gets behind the team as the nation prepares for another night of fun

It really is ‘three lions on a store’ as Iceland renames its Wembley store on Central Square, London to ‘ENGLAND’ ahead of the semi-final head-to-head with Denmark tonight at 8pm.

Supermarket Iceland wears its heart on its sign with the iconic name change, embodying the Land of Hope and Glory, ahead of what could be the first major tournament final for England since the 1966 World Cup, if tonight goes to plan.

Whether you’re off to the pub, Wembley or ‘Waterloo with your mum, dad and gran and a bucket of vindaloo’, we’re all behind Southgate’s team, especially the newly christened England Wembley.

Not only has the iconic red and white sign been changed to read ‘ENGLAND’ in place of Iceland (as there is only room for one country in Wembley tonight), England’s unofficial anthem ‘it’s coming home’ is blazoned across the fascia to allow shoppers to get game ready all day along.

For shoppers looking to bring it home, Iceland has reintroduced its Home Delivery vans declaring ‘It’s coming home!’ for one day only…unless the boys make it to the final (no pressure).

Iceland and The Food Warehouse also have the answer to football fans needs with two £5 deals, as unmissable as tonight’s match. For just a fiver, saving customers up to £3.50, Iceland shoppers can get two Chicago Town Pizzas plus a four pack of Budweiser Beer Bottles or Pepsi Max No Sugar 8 Pack, the deal has been extended until 11th July to celebrate England’s success in the Euros (so far!).

Also on offer are the  delicious Fully Loaded Fries – the ultimate half-time Euro’s snack – with two packs for just £5.

The products included in the mouth-watering are Fully Loaded Triple Pepperoni Pizza Fries (£3.00, 510g), Fully Loaded Fried Chicken & Waffle Fries (£3.00,510g), Fully Loaded Hotdog Fries (£3.00, 510g) and Fully Loaded BBQ Bacon Waffle Fries (£3.00, 510g). The deal is available now

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