A British company has devised a unique second-life packaging solution for online fashion sales that combines user convenience and ease of return with a range of branding opportunities to create an enhanced experience for the end-consumer. Equally important, the new There & Back Pack® from Midlands-based Charapak Ltd offers valuable efficiencies, cost savings and environmental benefits to online retailers.

Online sales have increased significantly in recent years and this is resulting in correspondingly higher levels of returns. One major retail brand reports 60% returns from online ordering through customers specifying different sizes or colours for a single item.  Other commentators have put the figure as high as 80%, underlying the need for an efficient and easy-to-use return system.

The There & Back Pack® has been specifically designed to enable consumers to return goods quickly and easily.  The closure flap on the box features two adhesive strips separated by a serrated tear strip. The box is initially sealed for despatch to the customer using the first adhesive strip. The pack is opened by pulling the tear strip which reveals the second adhesive strip on the inside of the open flap. If the customer wishes to return any items, these are simply replaced in the box and the second strip is exposed to reseal the pack. This also helps to ensure products are returned in good condition.

The new pack can be tailored to any product size requirements and can be printed inside or out utilising Charapak’s exceptionally high quality printing facilities. This provides the opportunity for brand owners to create bespoke designs for effective brand identity and to enhance the customer experience of receiving goods by post.

Another innovative solution offered by Charapak is a ‘reversible’ pack where the outer plain mailing pack for initial delivery can be reversed to reveal a colourfully printed finish that becomes a presentation gift box.

The There & Back Pack® enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to ‘upcycling’ or the effective re-use of packaging since, as well as being used to return goods, the pack can also be re-used to send other items or as a gift pack, giving it a valuable second life.

The pack offers equally important advantages for the initial despatch of goods. Each box is packed flat but ready-assembled meaning that it can be folded out for use very quickly. Tests with one online retailer showed that the time taken to assemble and pack the box was just 17 seconds, compared to one minute for the previous pack, leading to valuable savings on labour requirements.  In addition, the pack takes up much less space, which can reduce the amount of floor space required for the packing operation.

Charapak says another customer case study has indicated that savings of £50,000 can be achieved on strapping machinery and consumables in the distribution warehouse, while the pack rate using a more conventional case would be 50% lower.

The There & Back Pack® incorporates recycled material and is itself full recyclable, thus meeting consumer demands for greener packaging options.

“We believe our new pack presents a unique solution for internet and mail order shopping, providing additional convenience for the end consumer and enabling retailers to offer a value-added service to their customers,” comments Charapak Managing Director Richard Smith.

“Equally important, the robustness of the pack, both during transit and as a presentation box, ensures the safety and integrity of the products it contains.”

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