A special joint venture between RBTE and the Customer Experience Foundation to explore the future of the retailer was announced at the ECCI Summit in Barcelona & London.


How many different ways can we shop?

On a wall, a tablet, a phone, a TV, or on a robot, a games device, or a watch and even some glasses or a fridge – the choice for customers is becoming endless and that’s where your relationship needs to be. So what will the next generation of shopping experience be?

This year RBTE will showcase the very latest trends in the future of shopping.

As a special treat for this years visitors, RBTE have asked leading futurologist and experience designer Morris Pentel to create the shopping experience of tomorrow from the latest products available today for you to experience at the exhibition.

In collaboration between RBTE and the Customer Experience Foundation, the exhibit will demonstrate how the latest retail innovations and the IOT (Internet of Things) is changing the shopping experience.

TheFutureStore.Today is the size of an exhibition stand but demonstrating how technology and innovation will change the shopping experience for the consumer who can choose anything ….Your favorite supermarket or department store, a trendy boutique somewhere exotic the possibilities are endless.

From touching a wall to buy a product, to speaking commands the lights in a house 20 miles away to change colour, while watching the TV and tweeting and ordering pizza while chatting with friends through a video link while comparing your prices or doing it all at the same time.

It’s going to show you the latest techniques in blending your store and digital experience to engage your customers. How the latest innovations make it easier to shop and create more opportunities to engage with your customer.

Matt Bradley the Exhibition Director said: “The responsibility of RBTE has always been to stay ahead of the cutting edge design it is vital that we lead the way for the retail visitors and that we show them the path giving them the options where the future trends are going and working with thefuturestore.today is exactly what retailers need and exactly what they are looking for. This is what RBTE is about. Its giving retailers the opportunity to understand how to invest in the future. Its absolutely impossible not to be excited about this project.”

The unique stand is what happens when you connect the digital experience to your website and your Call Centre and app and your store in the high street to the lives of your customer.

It’s about turning shopping into a great customer experience. Remote Staff will appear on Robots and help you shop. They will display products that can be brought by simply touching a wall or using a phone on walls, and to experience the latest payment innovations visitors will be able to buy red noses for the comic relief charity with the latest tech.

We are bringing together things that are already starting to be used today and are really shaking things up in retail. Visitors are going have a real future shopping experience at Olympia including virtually visiting in a real house on the other side of the city and taking control of it. They will also be able to try shopping remotely there.

It will be unique.

You can find out more about this programme through Essential Retail & the RBTE website. You can see the video and get involved at www.TheFutureStore.Today.


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