The Honey Monster is returning to TV screens after as part of a £1m investment by ‘his’ new owners, the Yorkshire based family business, The Brecks Company. 

The TV incarnation hits British television on Monday 3rd September.

The new advert is to promote that Honey Monster Puffs has re-launched with a new recipe, brand new packaging and labelling, a bigger pack size of 520g at an RRP of £3.00 (which offers better value per 100g).

The TV advertising has been created by Manchester agency, Magnafi (part of The Gate Films), and features an animated Honey Monster celebrating how Honey Monster puffs bring a little bit of magic to breakfast time.  The new creative route debuts nine-year old Elektra Day, also from Manchester, who shares the screen with the furry cereal star.

Leeds agency, Robot Food, are bringing the new look monster to life on a new pack design too. The new packaging boldly celebrates “nothing scary in here” on the box front to highlight the brand’s decision to give transparent nutritional information on their labels.  This decision highlights that the new recipe has almost half the amount of the recipe of the original product, Sugar Puffs, scoring ‘amber’ level on the traffic light system.

Honey Monster, like all modern day influencers, now also speaks for himself on the brand’s social media accounts.  Keeping the creative teams in the Brecks Northern homeland, his new tone of voice for social is managed by another Leeds based agency, CreativeRace, who took over the Monster’s social feeds this summer.

Brecks Food Brand Director, Gillian Clarke, commented on the big changes ahead for the big, yellow monster:

“Honey Monster has changed! A new look box, even more transparent labelling, a fresh approach to social media communications, and a magical presence on TV means that Honey Monster Puffs will become more relevant to a brand new generation of Honey Monster fans.

Honey Monster Puffs has less than half the sugar of the original recipe for Sugar Puffs.  The product is fortified with vitamin B, fibre, iron and the grains are already naturally low in both fat and salt. We felt it was time that Honey Monster made some noise – he’s been quiet for too long.”

The Honey Monster TV ad will launch on the 3rd September, and previews will go live to his social media audience in advance of the launch date, on Friday 31st August.

Our product is naturally produced with a simple process:

We carefully select grains of wheat.

We steam the wheat until it puffs!

We drizzle the puffs with a dash of sweetness and honey.

Nutritional Information and Traffic Light Scores:

Fat: 0.5g (green)

Saturates: <0.1g (green)

Sugars: 6.6g (amber)

Salt: <0.01g (green)

(per 100g)

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