With non-stop product launches and a never-ending stream of trends, the beauty industry thrives on newness. And with the recent rise in the beauty from within “megatrend” there has been a solid foundation for the growth of Nutricosmetics, as people become increasingly concerned with what they put into and onto their bodies.

Consumers are becoming increasingly accepting that applying products to the skin is not always as efficient as consuming beauty from within supplements. Hence, they are looking to brands that offer solutions to improve and maintain beauty from the inside out without invasive and expensive treatments.

As a result, there is a lucrative target for men’s health and beauty, as a new standard and awareness appears throughout the male market. Men are becoming more aware of ways they can improve their overall health, with millenials driving the male beauty industry as social barriers change shape. New research suggests that men are more likely to take ingestible skincare products than women, according to research by Lycored.

When Lycored asked 480 male and female consumers in the UK and France about their attitudes to skin care, health and appearance, the company found that men were far more open to the idea of ingestible skin care than women. Actually 74% of men said the idea of taking a supplement for skin health or beauty was normal, compared to 58% of women.

This may in part be due to the convenience of skin care supplements, as men were also found to be less inclined to spend time applying topical products than women; 37% wanted to spend less time on their skin care routine, while only 28% of women said the same. This is also an interesting statistic for brands marketing to women, who will have to find ways to win the confidence of women to make ingestible supplements part of her beauty daily regime, alongside topical products that she already uses and is loyal to.

Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Health at Lycored, said: “Men have long been growing in importance as consumers of skin care, and our research shows this applies to ingestible products just as much as topical. The potential of the male beauty from within market is huge.”

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