daloon-new-retail-mini-ethnic-snack-foodsDaloon, a leading manufacturer of Frozen Ethnic Snacks and a major own brand supplier to retail multiples, is introducing a new and improved range of its top selling Mini Snacks designed to meet current and future market demands.

At the core of this new range launch is a technical breakthrough. Daloon has fully automated the production of this authentically crisp filo pastry. This innovative new process bestows a number of major product benefits.

Firstly and most importantly is the crisp-eat quality, which is as good if not better than handmade filo pastry products. This new light and crispy filo pastry enhances flavour delivery and improves the overall eating experience. Secondly is product consistency – always a hallmark of Daloon products.

Daloon has also transformed its onion bhajis which now have a more distressed/home-made appearance.

Looking at the new Mini Snack range in detail, it’s easy to see why Daloon is confident of success.

Three new packs in the range have been completely revised and improved:

Daloon Oriental Classics

Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls 10 x 18g pieces per pack. RSP £1.25

Daloon Oriental Classics Duck

Mini Spring Rolls 10 x 18g pieces per pack. RSP £1.75

Daloon Indian Classics Vegetable Dhal Mini Samosas and Mini Onion Bhajis

6 x 25g Vegetable Samosas and 6 x 15g Onion Bhajis per pack. RSP £1.75

Two all-new packs have been added to the range, both of which are natural additions to Daloon’s Classic Indian and Oriental Ethnic Mini Snacks:

Daloon Indian Classics Onion

Bhaji Dippers 12 x 15g pieces per pack. RSP £1.25

Daloon Oriental Classics

Vegetable Dim Sum Selection 4 x 17g Vegetable Samosas, 4 x 18g Sweet & Sour Vegetable Crackers and 4 x 20g Vegetable Moneybags per pack. RSP £1.75

All five new Daloon Mini Snacks come in redesigned, standout colour coded packaging to maximise sales at point of purchase.

Commenting on this new range launch, Geoff Burgess Managing Director Daloon said “We are delighted to offer this new range of Mini Ethnic Snacks to retailers.”

“The new range and its pack formats provide products that fit perfectly into the growing value and mid-range market sectors whilst maintaining competitive prices. This really is the next generation of frozen ethnic snacks from Daloon.”

daloon-logoAs ever, Daloon looks to develop and add new and exciting snack food concepts for the UK Ethnic Snacks market which shows no signs of slowing down, offering enormous opportunities for developing profitable retail sales.

Daloon products are available through leading supermarkets, regional multiples, wholesalers and cash & carrys.

For trade enquiries on Daloon products please telephone 01636 701000 or fax 01636 672581 or email sales@daloonuk.com

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