B by Black Tower is the lower alcohol 5.5% abv range from the UK’s no.1 favourite German wine brand. The range of B White, B Red and B Rosé are a huge success for the Black Tower portfolio in the UK market, having grown exponentially to become the no.2 brand in the lower alcohol sector with +40% growth (Nielsen, MAT, 3/1/15). The dynamics of the lower alcohol market have changed with consumers becoming more demanding, expecting both the benefits of lower alcohol coupled with great flavour and an outstanding taste. That B by Black Tower delivers in full measure is reflected by its outstanding sales success. Black Tower now has two exciting new developments to introduce B Secco and B Fruitiful by Black Tower, both in white and rosé at 5.5% abv. Both these sectors are areas of growth with all areas of the trade watching developments closely.  

B-Fruitiful-x2Thanks to the success of fruit-flavoured ciders and beers, a whole new segment of “fruit” wines have opened up, appealing in particular to “newbies” to wine and thus creating incremental sales in the wine category. Many major retailers have now extended their range into fruit-flavoured wines. B Fruitiful is the perfect brand to offer a combination of lower alcohol benefits and exciting fruit aromas that consumers really enjoy. First to be introduced are ‘Pomegranate with a Touch of Pink Grapefruit’ as well as ‘Passion Fruit with a Touch of Crisp Grapefruit.’ Social Media research reveals a huge interest in wine and fruit combinations and a real interest to try. These will be sampled and sold at big name concerts and music festivals throughout the UK, including the Bournemouth 7s event, which has become one of the key spring festivals and the rock and pop events Rewind.

In addition to the growing fruit-flavoured wine segment, the sparkling market in the UK is outperforming every other wine category in terms of growth and consumer interest. Black Tower is introducing B Secco White and Rosé at a refreshing 5.5% abv with a light sparkling fizz, which is perfect placed for this major growth market opportunity and offers excellent value for money.

Both B Secco and B Fruitiful add even greater strength to the Black Tower brand in the UK market and demonstrate the remarkable innovations of this icon brand.

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