The Thai Taste range includes over 50 easy to use, versatile products that bring true authenticity to the Asian or world foods category, as they are all made in Thailand with the time-poor British consumer in mind.

Previously, preparing Thai cuisine might have been a lengthy and complex task, trying to locate real Thai ingredients and the recipe that combines them in just the right way, but Thai Taste’s range enables consumers to enjoy popular dishes (that not only taste like, but ARE the real thing) without any associated hassle.

The brand’s most popular and convenient products are the Thai Red Curry, Green Curry and Pad Thai Kits (£2.29 per kit) which go from pack to plate in just 15 minutes. These accessible meal solutions are perfect for individuals that are less confident in the kitchen, or are just looking for a quick and convenient meal. They also provide the ultimate ‘next-day’ meal solutions, where any leftovers or stray vegetables can be turned into an exotic new meal, to appeal to all the family. If positioned correctly by retailers as a store cupboard staple, this brand is likely to encourage upsales and repeat purchases.

Thai cuisine is a perfect blend of flavours – salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Almost every Thai dish combines all 5 tastes and the Thai Taste portfolio allows for this, offering award-winning speciality ingredients, pastes and condiments/sauces that are slightly less well-known to the everyday cook but staples of Thai cuisine.

This includes Thai Taste’s Palm Sugar (RRP £2.49) – the perfect sweetener and gold star winner in Great Taste Awards 2016, Earthy Turmeric (RRP £1.80), Tamarind Paste (RRP £1.65) to add sourness, bitter Pea Aubergines (RRP £1.50), zesty Kaffir Lime Leaves (RRP £2.13) and Fish Sauce as a healthy salt alternative. UK shoppers love Thai Food, with the category in 12.8% YOY growth. With something for everyone, the entire Thai Taste portfolio brings restaurant-quality and consistency of flavours to UK shoppers’ Thai meals, and allow consumers to expand their Thai cooking skills without fail – or add Thai flair to other dishes.

The range is predominantly vegan/vegetarian , and the entire range is naturally freefrom, as it contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and are also Gluten Free. Furthermore, the brand is closely tied to the Duang Prateep foundation, a Thailand-based charity that supports impoverished or vulnerable communities in Thailand. Thai Taste’ donates a percentage of sales from every product purchased.

Brands like Thai Taste can help retailers attract and look after health-conscious or food-sensitive consumers who are embracing international cuisines and want to avoid potentially high fat and salt ready-meal solutions, but need a little support when it comes to cooking and preparing at home.


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