tesa’s innovative Lift & Reseal, a high tech tape developed for the effective reclosure of flexible packaging, is now in use around the world with major retailers and brand owners specifying the system on a wide range of products and pack sizes, from small, high value snacks to economy budget products.


The product has already generated interest across many different segments of the food production and retail markets, including a major UK retailer, a pet food manufacturer and a tea company, as well as confectionery and fresh vegetable packaging companies.

Its newest member, tesa Lift & Reseal ‘Fresh’, has been designed for short shelf life products and the in-line application works with a range of film based packaging solutions, including pouches, sacks, pillow packs, flow-wraps and quad-stabilo packs, giving consumers the ability to reseal the pack for the lifetime of its contents.

Lift & Reseal unwinds from long spool rolls giving continuous production, accurate packaging line film tensions are controlled by the dispensers brake/buffer system within the dispenser, the system provides maximum efficiency and productivity. The dispensers are provided free of charge as part of the tesacohesion™ customer care package, which includes an end-to-end installation and commissioning service that ensures dispensers are installed within a day, without reducing packaging line speed.

Where other tapes provide limited reclosure actions, tesa Lift & Reseal is designed to effectively reclose packs more than 20 times, allowing consumers to reseal film based food packs for the product’s lifetime. Lift & Reseal remains adhesive faced as packs reduce in size and remains usable even if the adhesive face becomes dusty.

The company is now developing packaging solutions for manufacturers and retailers in the UK, Europe, Russia and Japan, delivering competitive edge through the consumer benefits of enjoying fresh food even across extended periods of use and storage.

Peter Spencer, tesa’s Specialist Segment Manager, Manufacturing, comments “Packaging and resealing solutions are key to winning and retaining customers of convenience food products. With factors such as quality, freshness through a product’s ‘life’, accessibility and ease of use influencing the purchasing decision, it’s easy to see why innovation in this area is so important.”


Through the tesacohesion™ customer care programme, food package providers benefit from an end-to-end installation and commissioning service, including provision of tape dispensers on a free-of-charge basis. As part of this service, customers can be assured that the dispenser will be integrated into their packaging line within a day without any adverse effect on running speeds.

For providers of packaged goods, the availability of dispensers offers the final element of production efficiency that completes the picture. tesa systems are now the definitive reclosure tape engineering solution for the industry.



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