ah_cs_groupx6Consumers today are showing a real urge to become more adventurous in the kitchen. There’s a strong trend towards international cuisine, but who has the time, skill or indeed the cupboard stocking to create a dish infused with Moroccan spices or aromatic Thai flavour from scratch?

Step in Ainsley Harriott! Working with food company Symington’s, the top British chef has made ethnic cooking easy by creating a range of great tasting food for fast moving people. Over the years Ainsley has travelled around the globe, inspired by the tastes and aromas he found, he wanted to facilitate the recreation of such flavours in kitchens across the UK.

Offering even more choice, Ainsley Harriott introduces his World Kitchen range – World Kitchen cup soups. Giving the often dreary ambient aisle a new lease of life, the soups come in delicious multi-cultural variants including: Moroccan Fusion with Couscous; Classical Chinese Hot & Sour; Creole Cajun Gumbo; East Indian Mulligatawny; Aromatic Thai Chicken & Lemongrass and Mexican Mixed Pepper & Chilli.

The World Kitchen cup soups complement other ethnic food options in the Ainsley Harriott range, such as North African-originated Couscous. Bursting with international flavours, Couscous provides a delicious and versatile meal accompaniment, giving consumers an exotic stock-cupboard solution to rice, pasta or potatoes.

“The Ainsley Harriott food range is here to offer British cooks a helping hand, so that they can overcome time and skill restraints to creating delicious, fresh tasting meals” says Gemma Hicks, Symington’s Marketing Manager, “with the new World Kitchen and Couscous ranges, bringing the world to the dinner table is easy, and unlike fresh food, which will quickly expire, these products use real ingredients to create long-lasting meal-time staples. So, there’s really no reason for consumers not to try their hand at ethnic cooking at home”.

Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen cup soups are stocked in all major and a variety of small retailers.

For more information about the range and recipe ideas, consumers can visit www.ainsley-harriott.co.uk

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