The retail landscape of customer engagement and sales promotion is set to shift dramatically with the launch of Tap&Tag, a revolutionary new NFC-based contactless point of sale technology. From a single compact console that can be set up quickly at minimal cost, this new systemprovides real-time data capture and full digital receipts alongside remarkably simple loyalty enablement and rewards features.


Launched at Retail Business Technology Expo at Olympia in March, the system has already generated substantial interest from retailers of all sizes. The potential of this new technology has been recognised by one of the UK’s largest retailers who is set to trial the system this Autumn.

A major draw is the system’s simple ‘plug-in’ integration, which means there is no requirement to change existing software and it can be implemented at minimal cost. Tap&Tag can work with any till system that uses an external thermal printer and may be rolled out store-by-store at a pace to suit the retailer.

Developed by Yorkshire-based Tag Retail Systems, Tap&Tag has been specifically designed to exploit the potential of the increasingly important digital retail environment and help drive sales growth.

For retailers, the system provides a major benefit by capturing all real-time transaction data – ideal for fiscal management if required. All data can be analysed via a dedicated retailer portal, providing valuable information on sales and customer buying habits. The system has the ability to convert this data into customer-specific App-based incentives with the online portal allowing retailers to implement their own loyalty and rewards points schemes in a matter of minutes.

To use the system, customers simply tap on the special Tap&Tag console with any contactless bankcard or NFC card or tag. Following online registration, all ‘tagged’ receipts are sent instantly viaemail, App or web portal to the customer. Customers can also manage all their receipts and expenses online or via the easy-to-use app and receive offers and promotions direct from the retailer.

“With Tap&Tag retailers of any size can now level the playing field between themselves and online purchases in terms of customer engagement, transactional data capture and fulfillment via a full digital medium,” said Steve Slough, MD of Tag Retail Systems. “This is especially the case for convenience stores – both independents and chains – and we are well down the line in our discussions with this sector.

“From what we’re hearing from the market, we have developed a unique way of capturing customer data, linking it to loyalty and rewards schemes and at the same time, saving significant costs on paper till rolls. It will undoubtedly take customer engagement to a new level whilst enhancing the shopping experience.”

Steve Slough

07977 936 572


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