The standard range of Cartoning equipment from T. Freemantle Ltd remains the first choice for a growing number of UK Blue Chip companies looking for a simple and robust machine with the lowest possible running costs. The flexible design of the Freemantle machine means it can meet a wide range of applications without the need for change parts or complicated resetting. New products can be brought on stream with no further equipment cost and no waiting time for change part delivery.


The construction of the machine is mainly Stainless Steel and Aluminium and only the very best components are selected to deliver a reliable and repeatable performance. Selection of components is a key consideration and only easily accessible standard ‘off the shelf’ components are used. By selecting easily accessible parts that are available across Europe, has further reduced spare part costs but more importantly down time. In the event of a breakdown, the vast majority of parts can be sourced locally by end users to ensure that the equipment can be put back into service both cost effectively and in the shortest possible time frame. This is further backed up by Freemantle’s huge parts stock holding which can guarantee that ninety percent of all spare parts can be despatch the same day.

Day to day running costs are reduced further as these machines are proven to offer the simplest and fastest size change in the industry thus reducing down time further. In addition special attention has been made to the ease of access for cleaning and routine maintenance cutting the time needed for these essential operations to an absolute minimum.

For further details call us or visit our showroom and see these cost cutting innovations for yourself.

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