Jack Link’s, the world’s largest meat snacks company, and one of the fastest growing jerky and biltong brands in the UK, has announced the launch of its brand-new savoury beef bars. Made with 100% beef, high in protein and containing 65kcal per bar – the beef bar is the ideal snack to help power through those afternoon slumps at home, at work, or on the go. 

With over a fifth of consumers eating a protein bar each week[1] and 1 in every 4 households buying a meat snack,[2] the launch of the brand-new Jack Link’s Beef Bar provides the perfect opportunity for retailers to drive sales within this burgeoning category.

With nutrition and functional benefits riding high on the consumer agenda, Jack Link’s identified a gap in the market for a savoury protein bar packed with benefits that appeals to young adults. Each 65-calorie bar is high in protein and its nutritional credentials help stave off hunger and power you through the afternoon. Not only that, but the meaty Beef Bars are a gluten free munch and contain less than 6g of sugar per bar, making it a go to option for nutritionally aware consumers.

The new Jack Link’s Bar is available in Original and Sweet & Hot variants, delivering a first from the brand as the Beef Bar enters the ever-growing savoury snacking category. In a recent consumer test, the new Jack Link’s beef bars achieved +60% [3] scores for consumer liking and purchase intention, making Jack Link’s Beef Bars the perfect snack for consumers looking for permissible products without compromising on taste.

Laura Trivulzio, Marketing Director, Jack Link’s says: “The meat snacking category continues to thrive, and we’re right at the forefront of innovation and product development in this burgeoning category with the launch of Jack Link’s Beef Bar. The new format will offer shoppers an alternative to the existing protein bar offerings, which are heavily focussed on sweet rather than savoury options. We saw a significant gap in the market for on the go savoury bar formats and this product represents an exciting opportunity for retailers looking to drive incremental sales amongst the growing audience who are on the lookout for these savoury protein snacks’’

The new Jack Link’s Beef Bar range will join the brand’s already successful Biltong and Beef Jerky products which have both tested as UK’s preferred products against leading competitor brands[4].

Jack Link’s new Beef Bar Original and Sweet & Hot will be available from April 27th with an RRP £1.50 per 22.5g bar or £3.00 per pack of 3 x 22.5g.

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