Suívie Jabuticaba is a brand new and totally unique soft drink now available in the UK. Set to shake up the Soft Drinks category, it contains an unusual combination of a relatively unknown, but super nutritious Brazilian berry teamed with Swiss apples, ginger, and water straight from the Alps.

The secret to this original and great-tasting drink is the Jabuticaba berry. Indigenous to Brazil it grows directly on trees and is only in season for a few short weeks of the year. Much coveted by Brazilians, who call it their best-kept-secret, the berry is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, antioxidants, potassium, and other important minerals such as iron and magnesium.

With a patent pending, Suívie Jabuticaba is the only product in the UK made from the Jabuticaba berry. Already stocked at Wholefoods Market, the drink is fast building a reputation for being both refreshing, and a fantastic alternative to sugary soft drinks or alcohol.

Set to become a staple for post-gym sessions, afternoon pick-me-ups and even an evening out with friends, at just 49 calories per bottle, Suívie Jabuticaba has no added sweeteners, colours, sugars or preservatives.

Christophe Bosiers, Founder of Suívie Jabuticaba, said: “We’re thrilled to be bringing this innovative and unique product to the UK. Not only does it have a variety of health benefits, Suívie Jabuticaba has a competitive edge with its rare berry Jabuticaba and ingredients sourced directly from farms in Switzerland and Brazil. It’s perfect for those craving a drink with provenance and transparency.

“The UK Soft Drinks market continues to thrive, with the trend for more healthier alternatives showing no sign of slowing down. Our aim is to drive distribution and so we are looking forward to making our mark as we build our awareness and presence within this exciting sector.”

Contact for stocking: Ken Paterson, UK Country Manager,, +44 7770 284900

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