Extra sales from impulse purchases are always welcomed by retailers. An unusual but effective line to stimulate sales is small security solutions such as Sterling SafeCan range. Designed to imitate every day household items like cans of Heinz Baked Beanz or a Collins Dictionary, they are actually miniature safes for hiding an emergency set of cards, keys or cash.

The various designs can fit into the home, shed or garage, so the family can hide things in plain sight.  They also make great gifts for students living away from home. The Sterling SafeCan is a fun item that does a great job – perfect for the impulse purchase.

Anodised aluminium is a great material for creating a really attractive padlock providing a textured metallised look. It also creates padlocks that are strong and corrosion resistant.  Sterling’s latest aluminium padlocks feature combination dials giving a key-free solution that’s safe and secure, plus the choice of four colour-ways across the range. In today’s market the option of bright, tactile contemporary padlocks that are as safe as their traditional brass counter-part is always going to be popular.  The ideal alternative to brass or zinc, these padlocks have a light feel that makes them great for taking to school, or the gym, for back packs or on suitcases – and all at a price that won’t weigh the customer down!

The dilemma of being locked out of the house and not having a spare key is always a problem. The ideal solution for retailers to offer is the Sterling KeyMinder, a secure small safe. Once attached onto an outside wall in a discreet location, a spare key can be kept secure inside, available only when the right code is entered into the combination lock. It’s a neat idea that’s small to display while offering good margins.

With padlocks for every purpose, Sterling Locks is able to offer a lock to suit most security needs. From the simple brass padlock to security cables, customers can choose from keyed or combination locks across of a variety of security levels from light, to heavy. This makes them ideal for everything from sports bags to bikes, garden gates to the garden shed.

Retailers will like having new product lines to encourage extra sales and they’ll love Sterling’s good margins and great service.


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