A training course which focuses on cleaning in place (CIP) as part of a hygiene strategy has proven a hit with food and beverage personnel across the UK and Ireland.

Holchem-logo-Jpeg-2-liDescribed by candidates as ‘excellent’, ‘one of the best courses I have been on’ and ‘very good course – CIP in English!’ the course aims to get across key information on CIP in an understandable way – which can really make a difference to the candidates’ businesses.

Provided by Holchem, the course utilises the years of experience which the Manchester based hygiene experts have gathered, enabling clients to deliver and maintain the optimum cleaning in place system.

Involving the cleaning of complete items of plant or pipeline without the need to dismantle or open up any equipment, CIP offers a method of hygiene management which can provide real benefits and savings to the overall operation of food and beverage processing plants.

Training is one of the key factors in delivering successful CIP circuits and sets which fully meet the cleaning needs of a food or beverage production business. Holchem offer a CIP training programme which gives candidates an insight and understanding of how they work, and how to operate them successfully.

Split across two days, the Cleaning in Place course includes a mix of presentations and workshops. Assessment is through the submission of a portfolio which includes a series of workbooks, as well as assignments which are based on the candidate’s workplace.

The CIP course is one of several Holchem offer across a range of topics – all offering vital guidance and qualifications on key subjects for any hygiene professional involved in food and beverage processing.

Sarah West, course tutor, said: “We have been delighted with the feedback on our CIP course which, like all of the training we provide, is designed to engage with our candidates who can then take this knowledge back to their businesses.”

For more information on training courses provided by Holchem generally, please visit holchem.co.uk/support/training.


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