Much of the growth in the infant formula market over the last twelve months has been driven by a boom in sales of specialist milks. To ensure retailers capitalize on this and maintain their market share, a review of the specialist products they range may well be worthwhile.

chazMore parents are now looking for alternative formulas which are aimed at addressing feeding problems such as minor digestive disorders, disrupted sleep, colic or reflux. It’s therefore important that products proven to help with such problems feature within the category, even when space is limited. And whilst specialist products can command a premium price (and a high cash margin), research highlights that price is a secondary factor when it comes to the health and wellbeing of a child.

One of the most recent and exciting developments in the specialist milk category results from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) finally, after a 20 year battle, changing regulations to now include goat milk as an allowable base in infant and follow-on formulas. These much-awaited changes were made as a direct result of new data supplied by goat milk formula specialist NANNYcare Ltd, which included two double-blind trials carried out using their NANNYcare First infant Milk product.

While goat milk formula is not recommended for medically proven cow milk allergy, scientific data comparing cow’s and goat milk demonstrates that there are significant differences in the casein protein structure, secretion process and digestibility of the two milks. It is these differences which may explain why a goat milk formula can provide a solution for babies who are not settling on standard cow’s milk formulas. It is simply the case that goat milk formula suits some babies better than cow’s milk formula.

No longer is the only choice for parents to switch from one cow’s milk based brand to another, they now also have the option of trying a goat milk formula such as NANNYcare that may simply suit their baby better & settle it down sooner.

Goat’s Milk based formulas represent a genuinely new product choice for parents, suit some babies better and are a good formula for successful retailing.

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