Spatone® liquid iron, one of the UK’s favourite iron supplements, is rolling out new packaging across the whole range of its products. The new vibrant packaging moves away from the current orange colour to a vivid blue, conveying to consumers a message of vitality and showcasing the natural liquid format of the product. The new design will help all products stand out on the shelf and distinguish Spatone® as a premium brand, with 70% of iron supplement consumers rating the new packaging as better than current.

The colourful packaging will clearly communicate the USPs of Spatone® over its competitors, making it easier for consumers to understand which product will be more suitable for them. Research among current iron supplement consumers and those considering using supplements showed that the new Spatone® packaging was rated superior to all category competitors in terms of stand out on shelf, supporting with energy levels and easier absorption.

Generally, iron can be a difficult mineral for the body to absorb, yet the iron naturally present in Spatone in a liquid formulation has been shown to be easily absorbed, with up to 40% bioavailability compared to 5- 15% from food and 10% from conventional iron supplements. Spatone® has been scientifically shown to help top up iron levels whilst causing fewer of the unpleasant side effects often associated with iron supplements, such as stomach irritation, constipation and nausea. To make sure consumers understand the benefits of Spatone, “gentle” and “easily absorbed” are written clearly on the front of the pack to appeal to all of the target markets, from pregnant women to busy people and athletes.

Julia Cameron-Wallace, Spatone Brand Manager, commented:

“We’re really excited with the new packaging design for our Spatone range and can’t wait to see the new packs hit the shelves. We’re confident that the clear messaging on the front of the pack will help convey to new and existing consumers the great benefits of our range of products, particularly how natural, gentle and easily absorbed Spatone is in comparison to other iron supplement formats.

“Our research has shown that the new packaging will stand out strongly against our competitors and conveys a strong sense of the brands stand out USPs; an everyday product to help release energy in a way that works with the body.”

Spatone is an iron rich water sourced from the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia National Park.

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