Hard Seltzer – a category that has enjoyed colossal success in the US in the last couple of years, has started to hit our shores and a start-up UK brand is one of the first wave of new entrants to the market.

Sparkl Hard Seltzer has been launched in Morrisons nationwide already and further expansion is on the horizon.

The naturally flavoured alcoholic sparkling water boasts a clean, crisp taste and is 4.0% vol. Dubbed by its makers as ‘water with attitude’ it comes in two fresh flavours – Peach & Rose, and Lemon, Ginger & Chilli – with more flavours due to be released later this year. With a mere 80 calories per 330ml bottle, the product perfectly positions itself to appeal to the growing bracket of health conscious drinkers.

Sparkl has challenged the normal canned format of hard seltzers by launching in bottle form. The makers chose a premium transparent glass bottle to help consumers connect with what the product is – clear, clean and contemporary.

Sparkl’s producers believe it holds the potential to convert a significant portion of drinkers to its low calorie RTD offering with no added sugar, especially given that RTD alcoholic products are traditionally high in sugar.

Founder of the brand, Stephen O’Neill describes Sparkl as a light and refreshing drink, perfect for drinking on warm evenings at home or outdoors. He comments, “Sparkl is low calorie, low carb, gluten free, naturally flavoured, with no added sugar. On top of all of these fantastic benefits, its biggest asset is its exceptional taste and we have worked hard to create flavor combinations that are capable of appealing to a large market. At a time when we are thinking more about our health than ever before, we believe consumers will be drawn to the idea of cleaner drinking – and Sparkl delivers just that.”

Sparkl has already been rolled out nationally in 235 Morrisons stores. For more information visit www.sparkl-hardseltzer.com.

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