Retailers are benefitting from a new sensory testing programme that enables them to quickly gather feedback on their private label products. Solutions 4 Retail Brands (S4RB) recently launched the latest unit for its cloud-based UBX Panel Management software, which allows the collaborative scheduling of product panels, including benchmark, sensory and consistency tests.
S4RB, which was founded in 2006, creates and manages software solutions to improve engagement and relationships between retailers, their own brand suppliers and their customers.

Recognising the need for quick and straightforward sensory assessments, S4RB has added simplified sensory testing functionality, which the private brand team can use whenever they need to carry out quick or volume sensory tests.

The software provides simple multiple-choice questions to get the required feedback, allowing samples to be tested more efficiently while capturing information in an easy to report format, providing product managers and technical managers with quick feedback and insight. Different questions can be used to assess panel opinion on taste, texture and visual appearance. The simplicity of the system requires no staff training and is designed to quickly establish the overall differences between products. It is compatible with a PC or mobile device meaning it can be used both in sensory booths and on location for in-store feedback.

Customers might, for example, tell retailers they want spicier food. The private brand team can then quickly benchmark their product against a competitor’s and also compare it to a version of their own where the spice level has been increased.

James Butcher, Director at Solutions 4 Retail Brands, explained: “The application allows retailers to collate information about products from testing and combine it with feedback from call centres, social media and in-store returns to give them one view of product performance. This allows them to highlight the areas where sales and profits can be increased.

The ability to quickly report on this is essential, replacing the myriad individual spreadsheets all too often used at the moment.”


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