Tempro® proves to be the most efficient insulator of its type in the world

Seymour Manufacturing (SMI) is more commonly known for its work developing market-leading thermal insulation products that are used throughout the food retail, processing and manufacturing industries. However, on September 17 veteran polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes announced his latest expedition, and SMI is playing a vital role in this.

Sir Ranulph will be attempting to cross Antarctica in winter – believed to be the coldest journey on Earth.  With temperatures of minus 70? Celsius being a distinct reality on the expedition, Sir Ranulph and his team need the assurance of the very best materials to protect them and their equipment.  To this end, SMI has been selected to provide bespoke covers made from their proprietary Tempro® material that will cover the expedition’s two specially engineered cabooses, that will not only act as living quarters, but also as the base for a range of scientific work that will take place as part of the expedition.  They are also providing covers for the two D6N tractor units that have been adapted to tow the cabooses.

In its normal environments of food retail and manufacturing, Tempro® is often deployed because of its ability to save significant amounts of carbon and avoid energy loss.  It can be used to provide thermal cover to transport temperature sensitive goods; as cold room curtains it can help prevent energy loss; and used as ceiling-hung temperature control zones (tcz’s) it can create a cold room in alien conditions.  Even the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) has recognised its value as an outstanding insulator which can avoid thermal imaging.

When Brian Seymour, Chairman of SMI, was first approached by Sir Ranulph Fiennes he admits it was rather a daunting proposition:

“When Sir Ranulph first asked if we could help to protect him and his team we knew this meant taking Tempro® and the SMI team well out of our comfort zone.  Nonetheless, always keen to take on a challenge, we agreed to make a first cover and put it through initial testing in Sweden earlier this year.

“The results in testing were quite astonishing!  We were in temperatures of minus 40? Celsius, yet inside the covers the temperature recorded (after just 10 minutes of heating every five hours) was plus 10? degrees Celsius!  A temperature difference of 50? Celsius!  As one of the reporters present at the testing commented, this makes Tempro® something of a ‘wonder material’!”

** Main picture shows Sir Ranulph Fiennes with Brian Seymour of SMI handling a small piece of Tempro® material.

** Second picture shows one of the tractor units with the Tempro®  cover on top of it.

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