In these dog days of Summer, when store refrigeration is working hard, it’s reassuring to know that one manufacturer leads the pack to keep energy costs down.

Market-leading British manufacturer Husky International Ltd. recently used the ARBS trade show to launch their exciting new range of Intelligenzia chillers. The Husky Intelligenzia range includes features which Husky engineers calculate can reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 per cent.
In addition, the system generates significantly less in-store heat, and operating life is actually increased.

“Intelligenzia is a complete self-contained eco-system: from the glass units to the incredible insulation, the high-performance gas even down to the ventilation.” explained Husky CEO Geoff Thomasson “Retailers and hospitality professionals alike need to economise wherever possible, and we’re proud of our reputation as one of the sector’s most active developers of energy efficient systems”.

Also new to the market is the company’s range of ZubZero bottle chillers. The company believes that demand has never been stronger for ultra-cold beer, and the Husky ZubZero range really delivers. Beer can be blast chilled down to MINUS 3°C for the ultimate in refreshment and beer that will still be super cold by the time your customer reaches their party or BBQ!

Husky are eager to spread the cold message far and wide. The company is promoting its new facebook pages and Twitter feed. “We owe much of our success to keeping close to our customers.” said company Director Peter Taylor ”Encouraging feedback helps us build a better product, and we’d love to meet you on our husky global facebook page where you can link up with other retailers, enter great competitions, and of course hear the latest developments from Husky”.

For an alternative look at retailing, along with funny and downright odd stuff from a dog’s point of view, sniff out the company’s wet-nosed mascot @jakethehuskydog.

Jake (pictured on the front page with an adoring fan at the ARBS show) hasn’t a woof over his head, so visitors to his Where’s Jake? facebook page can see pictures as he explores the four corners of the globe, and the public are encouraged to join in the fun too – the best entries win a prize! On-the-spot deals regularly appear on the company’s Twitter @husky_global. This is also where super-special offers appear long before they hit the press. Nothing sells as universally or generates as much profit as bottled water and ice cream; that’s why Husky’s latest and most popular link deal is the great opportunity to buy a Highland Spring bottle chiller and Ice Cream World display freezer together. Retailers save £233 on the normal price, and both units are delivered with £411 of free stock!

“Cashflow is king for many retailers, so they need stock that will fly out of their store” concludes Geoff Thomasson “Plus this is a true free stock offer. We at Husky pioneered the free stock deal, but these days it seems everybody is offering similar packages. This why we’re keen to stress that retailers check that any new chiller they’re considering is branded. If it isn’t, then the cost of that free stock has simply been added to its price!”

Leicestershire-based Husky International Ltd. was established in 1957 and remains a family business to this day. The company designs and builds both its own range and exclusive models for global brands, distributed by agents in 33 countries around the world.

Husky International Ltd

Tel: 01455 555340

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