Innovative food packaging company Sirane  has launched Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ – a microwave bag with seals that open during cooking allowing for perfect infusion of sauces.

Sira-Cook™ Smart Release™ is perfect for many foods, including seafood – with perfect tasting fish and sauce in just a matter of minutes, thanks to the dual-vent technology. Coldwater Seafood were one of the first companies to take up Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ – with the innovative bag allowing fish dishes to be sold by retail giant Marks & Spencer.

Ian Beardsall, Sirane’s director of product and process development, said: “Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ is a truly great and cost-effective concept. The seals will only open at certain temperatures, so the food is cooked to absolute perfection in just a few minutes. The venting seals on Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ can be tuned for retailers to meet the cooking requirements of any contents, be it seafood, poultry, or even desserts.”

With Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ food and sauces are kept separate in the packaging, sealed into two compartments. The central dividing seal has been designed to rupture in a controlled way, allowing the mixing of the contents of the two compartments. A second vent in the main compartment then opens, maintaining pressure in the bag.

M&S has launched three Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ products to date under the tag-line Quick To Cook: Lochmuir Salmon with Watercress, Cod with Parsley and Haddock Mornay.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director for food packaging, said: “We are expecting significant levels of interest in Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™. Food retailers can now offer stunning food cooked in just a couple of minutes in a microwave. Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ is a cost-effective solution to a long-standing problem.”

Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ was among the items on show at the European Seafood Expo in Brussels from April 24-26, and Sirane  anticipates high levels of interest in the product.

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