An audacious new collection from the new generation of YBAs (Young Beefy Artists) set to raise the collective pulses – and drool production – of the UK art scene has launched.

BEEFSY: A Study in Sausage is a poignant exploration of beef culture and is the brainchild of Beef Peperami, the refined, upmarket sibling of Peperami Pork. It has been tantalising not only the famously sophisticated palette of the Peperami cognoscenti, but anyone who thinks Damian Hirst’s Cock and Bull didn’t go far enough in the beef steaks.

The once-in-a-lifetime exhibition was open to Peperami devotees and the beef-curious alike, until Saturday 21st October at 15 Bateman Street, London W1D 3AQ, from 9am to 6pm.

Visitors were able to experience unexpected re-creations of famous work, and stunning new interpretations of beef culture including:

Coats de Boeuf. A triumvirate of leather jackets that simply scream “Beefy Biker Bling”. Satirically sexy and meaty as all heck – these bejewelled custom leather jackets invite the viewer to imagine themselves swaddled like baby within a big beefy bearhug.

Animal Dipstick.  A recreation of Warhol’s classic replacing Marylin’s looks with Beef Peperami’s horn. This is a masterful re-interpretation of a pop culture legend and brings it firmly into the 21st century.…not so much “pop art” as “pop it in yer gob”. An instant classic!

Meat Dress. A masterful re-interpretation of Ms. Gaga’s infamous meat dress uses hundreds of Peperami wrappers to envelope the wearer in a warm, meaty and satisfying embrace. Is this better than Gaga’s original? We say: “Of CORSET is!”

The Dreaded Peperami ArmyIn this dramatic piece we see a hoard of rampaging Peperamis astride their beefy steeds. It is at once comical and deliciously macabre. Below, two visceral slogans, formed from succulent chunks of Peperami…Upcoming artist Chloe Sumner has perfectly asked the question: “To Beef, or not to beef”.

Beefsy, Animal’s arty alter-ego, explains: “The world is suffering from an over-exposure to pathetic pictures of lentil lunches. I don’t give a flying SAUSAGE about your avocado atrocity!! What everyone needs is an injection of unashamedly BEEFY brilliance. What the world needs is a beefy muse. So I decided I couldn’t deprive my meatheads from the genius of BEEFSY any longer!”

With free entry and bags of free samples, this is one show you can’t afford to miss (unless you’re vegetarian, in which case, please stay home and cuddle your kale).

Charity Auction

All the art work from the Beefsy exhibition is being auctioned off in aid of homeless charity, Glass Door.

Bids can be made either at the exhibition or through the auction site  Bidding will close at midnight on the 31st October.

Glass Door

Glass Door partners with churches to give shelter and support, because no one should have to sleep on the streets of London.

As London’s largest emergency winter night shelter, Glass Door provides a safe, warm place to sleep for at least 100 men and women every night in winter – from November to early April.   Guests of our emergency shelters also receive a hot supper and breakfast in the morning, cooked and served by volunteers.

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