The season of Love starts on Valentine’s Day and is supposed to last all the way to Easter, when the resultant Spring chickens appear! Spring is therefore the ideal time to offer customers Džiugas – the ultimate in romantic cheese with a distinguished, mature but smooth taste that everyone adores. The legend says this magical Lithuanian cheese was developed by the Giant Džiugas to celebrate his marriage to the love of his life. As a result Džiugas cheese is not only imbued with the joy and strength of the giant but it is also meant to bestow these qualities on all who eat it. It certainly attracts giant affection from its Lithuanian fans!


Although in the UK Džiugas is still seen as a relatively new hard cheese on the continental block, it continues to build sales year on year. Part of its success is because it is a cheese with a narrative as distinctive as its taste. Džiugas is sold at 12, 18, 24 and 36 months and even a young Džiugas cheese has a distinguished quality that makes it stand out from the crowd, being robustly savoury but with a creamily sweet overtone.

For those who prefer a cheese with an even more mature disposition, the 24 and 36 months has more bite but still retains its recognisable fruity overtones. So Džiugas is particularly well placed to win hearts (and tastebuds) over, especially for anyone looking for the perfect end to a romantic meal.

Džiugas is available through Carron Lodge amongst other distributors. For more information please contact: Email:

Tel: 0207 689 5155


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