• Sarson’s has launched a new vinegar blend, Lightly Seasoned ‘Pickle in 15 Minutes’, which gives consumers a new way to add vibrancy to their favourite dishes with pickled twists in just 15 minutes.
  • The latest innovation from Sarson’s is available at Tesco stores nationwide from 6th August 2018 for £1.69 RRP per 350ml bottle.

The UK’s number one vinegar brand*, Sarson’s, has announced the launch of its new Lightly Seasoned ‘Pickle in 15 Minutes’ vinegar blend, available from 6th August 2018 in Tesco stores nationwide for £1.69 RRP.

Sarson’s ‘Pickle in 15 Minutes’ offers consumers a quick and easy way to add new taste dimensions to their favourite dishes, infusing vegetables and fruit with a crisp, fresh tanginess to elevate their home creations.

Influenced by well-known restaurants and TV chefs driving the quick pickling trend, pickling continues to be one of the most practised home-cooking processes in the UK, with over two fifths of foodies (42%) having pickled in the past year[1]. However, research has shown consumers would consider pickling more if they had access to more time-efficient recipes, illustrating the demand for a product that can deliver the great taste of pickles quickly[2].

Ed Culf, Marketing Director at Mizkan, says: “Quick pickling is a hot trend right now, with top restaurants and celebrity chefs leading the way. We know foodies love to try at home what they have experienced out and about and we’ve developed Sarson’s Pickle in 15 Minutes to make it convenient for them. A quick pickled element can add a sensational flavour dimension to a dish, giving people a fabulous way to add even more vibrancy to their favourite foods.”

This latest innovation from the iconic Sarson’s brand offers both versatility and simplicity, with a three-step ‘slice, infuse for 15 minutes, enjoy’ process, meaning those looking to elevate their food can do so with ease. The new product expands on Sarson’s existing range which already offers a collection of category-leading products, including malt vinegar, distilled malt and traditional pickling vinegar.

Arriving in Tesco this August, Sarson’s will be supporting the launch with multi-platform digital and PR marketing investment, foodie event sampling and in-store marketing.

To find out more visit sarsons.co.uk

*Nielsen vinegar market data 26/5/18 

About Sarson’s

Sarson’s Vinegar was bought by Mizkan Euro in February 2012, as part of the £41 million acquisition of a number of Premier Foods’ brands including Haywards pickled vegetables and Dufrais.

At Sarson’s, we love vinegar

We love it in marinades, in dressings and most of all, we love it splashed over steaming hot chips. We put this passion for vinegar into every bottle that we make, and we’ve been making Sarson’s vinegar the traditional way since 1794. Which, we are pretty proud to say, makes us one of Britain’s oldest vinegars.

[1] Great British Chefs, Cooking with vinegar, 2017.

[2] Great British Chefs, Cooking with vinegar, 2017.

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