• Good Catch range hits Tesco stores across the UK
  • Three-strong product line-up created by chefs Chad and Derek Sarno is 100% plant-based

Chef-created Good Catch is set to make a splash in Tesco stores nationwide with a three-strong plant-based tuna range designed to tap into growing demand for vegan-friendly, plant-based protein alternatives.

The innovative fish-free products have been co-created by Derek Sarno, the pioneering chef behind Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen food range, with his brother, Chad Sarno – who leads Good Catch culinary innovation. The range has a proven record in the US, growing distribution to over 4,500 retail outlets in less than a year, and is hitting the UK at a time when sales of meat-free options are growing +18% year-on-year[1].

“Sustainability is, and will continue to be, higher on the consumer agenda than ever before,” says Chris Kerr, Good Catch co-founder and CEO, “and it’s no secret that this has played a huge part in the rapid growth of plant-based food and drink.

“Up to now, demand for these products has centred primarily in the meat and dairy aisles, with sales of meat-free alternatives growing quickly,” continues Kerr. “Without question, seafood is the next wave, and offers a huge opportunity.”

Kerr adds: “With scientists predicting that global fisheries may totally collapse by 2048 unless we act now[2], there’s a compelling case for the rising number of ‘flexitarian’ consumers in the UK to wake up to the environmental benefits of plant-based seafood, and start embracing these options in the same way they have ‘bleeding burgers’ and almond drinks – particularly when we can offer the same taste, texture and nutritional profile as seafood.”

The 100% plant-based tuna range provides a sustainable seafood alternative while delivering the familiar flaky texture associated with fish. With a six-legume blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans with seaweed and algae extracts for a seafood flavour, there are three fish-free tuna variants currently rolling into Tesco stores nationwide, including: Naked in Water, Oil & Herbs and Mediterranean.

Derek Sarno, Good Catch co-founder, explains: “The Good Catch range is designed to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a seafood experience without sacrifice. Our products offer the same texture and flavour as fish, making it an easy swap for meals using tuna.

“People want nutritious and easy to prepare alternatives and this is exactly what Good Catch products are designed to deliver, so we’re thrilled to be able to make them available at Tesco. We’re providing health-conscious shoppers with a ready-to-eat fish-free tuna that is high in plant-based protein and contains omega-3s, offering a healthy and great-tasting alternative to a much-loved everyday favourite while reducing the environmental impact on our planet.”

The Good Catch plant-based tuna range, (RSP: £2.50 / 94g) will be available in Tesco stores nationwide from January 2020 and will be available in the tuna aisle.

[1] Kantar, 2019

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