The number one selling rehydration therapy (1), Dioralyte is about to hit our screens as Sanofi launch the first ever TV advertising campaign for the brand, to support grocery and pharmacy listings ahead of the festive period.

The TV advertisements centre on one couple and follow them through common life stages, from being young travellers, to getting married and having children. The aim of the ads is to communicate the benefits of the Dioralyte range (2,3) for rehydration after diarrhoea and sickness to key consumer target markets, by highlighting the product usages across several different scenarios.

The 10, 20 and 30 second ads are scheduled to appear on a range of TV channels including ITV and Sky 1, as well as more targeted stations like National Geographic and Sky News, throughout the campaign which runs from 1st to 31st December 2012.

Cathy Erwin, Brand Manager from Sanofi said, “We are really excited to launch the first ever Dioralyte TV ad campaign for the Dioralyte brand in its 30 year history, to help support grocery and pharmacy listings over the festive period. We have invested £1 million in Dioralyte’s consumer brand spend for 2012, which also includes an extensive digital advertising campaign, launched earlier in the year. We hope the various ads will help communicate the brand’s key messages and increase awareness among non-users ahead of the festive season.”

The 10 and 20 second adverts open with the young couple at the airport, waiting to embark on their long haul travels. The boyfriend opens his backpack to reveal some holiday travel essentials including a pack of Dioralyte, to highlight the importance of being prepared from tummy troubles and dehydration when you’re travelling abroad.

The next scene is targeted at those who suffer with a nervous stomach to communicate how Dioralyte is clinically proven (4) to reduce dehydration after diarrhoea. It then follows the couple through to their wedding day, where the Groom is looking nervous, rubbing his stomach. Help is on hand as his mother passes a bottle of water and sachet of Dioralyte, to help provide rapid rehydration (3). The couple leaves the church looking happy and relieved, as family and friends throw confetti over them.

The closing shot focuses on the fast and effective (5) rehydration benefits of Dioralyte for rehydrating young children (2,3) after diarrhoea and sickness. The couple, who now have two children, are shot preparing some Dioralyte in an infant’s beaker for their sick toddler to drink, who is suffering from an upset stomach. The ad ends with the family feeling much better, as they go on a country walk.

A comprehensive seasonal public relations campaign is currently being initiated to communicate Dioralyte’s key messages and product usages to consumers and pharmacists. For images of the advertisement and further information, go to from December 1st.

1 Dioralyte market support data 2011

2 Dioralyte GSL SPC

3 Dioralyte Relief GSL SPC

4 Dioralyte Relief packaging

5 Dioralyte packaging



Trade enquiries – Ceuta Healthcare 01202 780558

Product related enquiries – Sanofi Medical Information 0845 372 7101

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