These are truly exciting times for ‘Sally Stubbs Ltd’ – the range of RAPHA™ treatments permanently and authentically resolving debilitating mind-emotional problems.


Sally Stubbs, Creative Director, has over 30 years of rigorous, and passionate experience as a registered psychotherapist in the UK.

You may be surprised to learn that 30 years ago Sally suffered from anxiety, insomnia, stress and overweight. She knows from her own experiences how difficult it can be to find the right treatments to achieve lasting successful results.

“I tried to get the right cure for myself, sadly I did not gain any lasting or successful results. So, I took it upon myself to develop a series of authentic treatments that safely go to the root cause of mind-emotional issues, mobilising the individuals own dormant resources and strengths to bring about lasting resolution. My discoveries certainly worked for me, and have worked for thousands of people from many different countries.

“As my treatments are readily available on CD I am over the moon that our company is at the forefront of bringing lasting positive change to so many people around the world,” enthuses Sally.

Sally Stubbs Ltd has 12 products retailing as Boxed sets of 5 CD’s each with 15 audio tracks including:

‘Don’t Wait to be the Right Weight.’

“More People than ever in the UK – around 64% – are overweight.”

“Doctors say obesity is reaching ‘epidemic’ proportions.” (BBC Science).

Overweight is linked to ill-health such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

‘Solutions to Stress.’

“Stress costs the UK £10 billion per year. Over half the people in the world suffer from stress”. (The Guardian).”

‘Cure Your Insomnia.’

“One in three people suffer with insomnia, and 50% of the population fail to get enough sleep seriously affecting their quality of life and productivity.” (The Guardian)

The Rapha™ Audio System is suitable, effective and safe for men and women from 14 years old onwards.

The Sally Stubbs Ltd brand is distributed in the UK by Magellan World Ltd, Surrey.

The full range of Rapha™ Products and more valuable information on each of the products can be seen on the Sally Stubbs Ltd web site:

Sally Stubbs Ltd is promoted on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

The boxed sets of 5 CD’s retail at £57.00 excluding VAT

Tel: 017687 71377

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