In a much-needed upbeat story from Sainsbury’s, space farms, food on prescription and jellyfish suppers are all predictions which feature in the Sainsbury’s Future of Food Report, released this month and exploring what, when and how we’ll be eating in in the future.

Claire Hughes, Head of Quality and Innovation at Sainsbury’s, commented: “Sainsbury’s has been feeding the nation for 150 years. We have a long history of innovation in food, and look forward to continuing that over the next 150 years. Working alongside our suppliers and producers, by 2169, we predict to have introduced foods like jellyfish and patch dinners to the British diet that are not even fathomable today.”

In five years’ time, the report says, we could see health professional prescribe dietary advice as preventative health. it’s likely that a quarter of all British people will be vegetarian in 2025, up from one in eight Britons today.

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