UK distribution partner Kingsland Drinks to lead the campaign

Sainsbury’s and Co-op are the first UK retailers to stock wine brand, The Hidden Sea, which is on a mission to remove one billion plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030. The campaign was started by the Australian sustainable wine brand with ReSea Project.

Kingsland Drinks, the exclusive UK distributor of the brand’s portfolio of wines (including a Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and a Rosé) launched a search for retail partners to support the initiative in 2020. Sainsbury’s will list The Hidden Sea Sauvignon Blanc and Co-op will stock The Hidden Sea Chardonnay from February 2021, with The Hidden Sea Rosé launching into Sainsbury’s stores in March.

The initiative has been supported by Sainsbury’s, which has committed to reduce plastic packaging by 50 per cent across its branded and own brand lines by 2025, and Co-op, which is accelerating its mission as an ethical retailer to reduce its carbon footprint and be net-zero by 2040.

For every case of The Hidden Sea sold globally, one kilo of plastic is removed from the ocean and recycled – that’s the equivalent of 60 plastic bottles removed for every case purchased.

The Hidden Sea’s partner in this campaign is ReSea Project, a Danish organisation committed to removing plastic from the ocean and recycling it, while also improving communities most directly affected by ocean waste, and creating awareness about responsible waste handling. It currently operates in the Southeast Asian region, which is a major recipient of plastic waste from countries around the world, including the UK.

Justin Moran, co-founder of The Hidden Sea, says: “Collaborating with two of the UK’s biggest and most respected retailers means we’re able to make hefty strides towards our goal with the ReSea Project: to remove and recycle one billion plastic bottles from the world’s oceans by 2030.

“Critically, it gives us the national footprint needed to galvanise support from UK shoppers, and recruit even more people to our movement. The problem of plastic waste in our oceans is very real – we see the repercussions every day. As I look ahead, I’m hopeful the partnerships will increase much-needed consumer awareness of plastic waste in our oceans and encourage them to get behind a brand that will make a real, tangible difference.”

Pete Fairclough, brand manager at Kingsland Drinks, adds: “The Hidden Sea is rare in its proposition; it’s a premium wine brand that appeals on all fronts. It’s good quality, accessible, and has the potential to connect with younger, more conscious consumers who are hungry for brands that stand for something more than what’s in the glass. We’re incredibly proud to lead the drive to give The Hidden Sea the profile and shelf space it deserves, alongside our retail partners. The work has only just begun. In 2021, we’ll be seeking more partners to support The Hidden Sea and ReSea Project in their efforts to remove and recycle one billion plastic bottles from the ocean.”

Kenny Louring, marketing manager at ReSea Project, says: “Connecting with consumers is the key to achieving our waste removal and recycling targets, so we welcome and celebrate how UK retailers have got behind the initiative with energy and a sense of purpose. More than ever, businesses need to look at their impact on the environment and consider how they can be part of the solution. These new partnerships will shine a light on a very important campaign with the potential to make a measurable difference.”

The Hidden Sea vineyards are located on the Limestone Coast in beautiful South Australia and were once covered by the Great Southern Ocean. Its mineral deposits have helped give The Hidden Sea’s wines a unique flavour profile. The whale depicted on every bottle is a sketch of a fossilised whale found under one of the vineyards, from which the fruit is used to make their wine today.

The Hidden Sea is being supported by heavyweight digital and social media campaigns in 2021, alongside a drive to recruit online ambassadors for the brand. The RRP of The Hidden Sea is £9.00, with a plan for promotions throughout the year.

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