Supplier Engagement services provider Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) is helping retail group Musgrave foster enhanced relationships across its supplier base through the use of bespoke communications and engagement software which facilitates continuous improvement in quality and product development throughout its Private Brand product range.

Musgrave provides sourcing, sales, marketing and supply chain expertise for independent retailers, and through this helps to support the growth and development of local businesses and their communities. Its key brands include SuperValu and Mace.

As part of its quality strategy, Musgrave has implemented MUSE (the Musgrave Unique Specification Experience) – a collection of online tools to help it create a closer working relationship with suppliers, providing them with comprehensive training and support, along with clear visibility of how they are performing against expectations.

A key part of the MUSE solution is the communications and engagement software engine from S4RB which is used by Musgrave to ensure a better flow of communication with its suppliers through targeted email communications and a powerful supplier web portal and knowledgebase. Suppliers can access the MUSE Knowledgebase 24/7 for relevant information such as company policies and procedures, and the latest regulatory and legislative requirements to help them deliver a top-quality service.

Musgrave understands that quality engagement with suppliers will lead to improvements in efficiency and accuracy, and working with Engagement Consultants from S4RB the company also uses the MUSE system to drive the success of product and quality initiatives.

For example, Musgrave takes special pride in its initiatives to promote healthy living and eating, and the information made available to suppliers using the MUSE system has been crucial in delivering these schemes, such as successfully reducing salt, sugar and fat across a wide range of its Private Brand food products.

S4RB has also implemented a supplier scorecard system within the MUSE portal to increase transparency with suppliers about their performance, and importantly to provide access to information about how they can improve this performance. Ultimately this benefits Musgrave, suppliers and the Private Brand products which they produce.

As well as providing valuable support to suppliers, the self-help available through the MUSE Knowledgebase is delivering important cost savings to Musgrave – S4RB estimates typical six figure annual savings for a private label retailer as a result of increased efficiencies and the reduced resource required to respond to supplier queries.

“We are delighted with our investment in the MUSE Knowledgebase and are already receiving positive feedback from our suppliers in terms of the improvements in communications and information provision that it has delivered,” comments Dr Michelle Moore of Musgrave.

“We are committed to creating the best working relationships with our suppliers, because that is how we can deliver the best possible service and support to our independent retailers, and ensure great products for their customers. S4RB is a valuable addition to our Private Brand team, providing us with engagement expertise and vital ongoing support in our pursuit of this goal.”


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