Rustlers, the Convenience Retailers’ No.1 Partner in Food to Go*1 provides the hot option, choice and variety that growing numbers of food to go shoppers are looking for.

As the popularity of sandwiches continues to decline, almost three quarters (74%) of food to go shoppers now buy meat snacks or hot food to go regularly for lunch*2.

“Lunchtime is the biggest occasion for Rustlers with over 60% of all Rustlers eaten for lunch*2,” says Angela Daulby, UK Group Sales Director of Kepak Convenience Foods.

“The fact that eight out of ten food to go shoppers have a microwave at work*2, and more than half of all food to go shoppers eat their lunch at their workplace*2, highlights the pivotal role that Rustlers can play in food to go.”

Thanks to the introduction of the Rustlers All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin, Rustlers now features in the key consumption occasions of breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a major presence in the important shopper mission of food to go, but also in meal for tonight and top up.

Research also highlights Rustlers’ pulling power in attracting food to go shoppers, with almost two thirds of them (65%) saying they’re more inclined to go stores which stock the category leading brand.*2.

“Convenience stores which offer hot food to go also generate a higher basket spend, with the average basket spend of a ‘hot’ food to go shopper over 10% more (£4.06) than the average food to go shopper (£3.69)*3.

Rustlers is also meeting growing shopper demand for more ‘upmarket’ hot food to go with its top of the range Gourmet ‘Classic’ and ‘BBQ’ burgers.

“Rustlers Gourmet taps into the major foodservice trend for gourmet burgers which has filtered through to the high-street with the launch of the McDonald’s Signature range. We felt that the time was now right to bring this trend into chilled convenience on the back of Rustlers Gourmet scoring exceptionally well in extensive research,” adds Daulby.

“Retailers can use Rustlers Gourmet Burgers (rrp £3) to drive basket spend, reinforced by the fact that 80% of consumers are interested in experiencing the gourmet burger trend at home, with 67% of consumers seeing gourmet as a good fit with Rustlers*4.”

“What’s more, Rustlers Gourmet Burgers are attracting new shoppers, driving additional footfall to the fixture and improving the overall perception of the category.”

Rustlers is also enabling retailers to offer an in-store cooking solution with its microwave or food to go unit, both proven to boost sales of micro snacking products without the concerns over waste and the additional labour costs associated with food to go counters.

Ideally, they should be sited next to the front-of-store chiller or with other food to go options, which act as a signpost for shoppers. To maximise visibility, free POS advises shoppers that they can heat up the products in-store after purchase.

The unit is pre-programmed to cook the best-selling Rustlers SKUs, but it can also cook other microwavable products. It comes with a large preparation area and built-in waste bin to keep the surrounding area tidy. Orders can be placed by phoning Kepak on 01772 688300 or emailing

*1 HIM! Bespoke Retailer Survey, December 2016

*2 WDR & Him! FTG Research, May 2016

*3 HIM! CTP 2017

*4 Wendy Dunn and Cambridge Research, 2016


Tel: 01772 688300


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