Over recent years we have seen a huge swing towards locally sourced community based retailing. Who would have thought the rural look would have proved so popular?


The rural lifestyle started back with organic produce, grew with artisan packaging and has been embraced by farm shop and delicatessens. Every second shop on the high streets seems to be striving for an image from yester year. But why?

With the advent of online shopping, retailers have needed to up their game to generate and maintain footfall, In-store experience has become all important. Local, organic, artisan and rural are all words that excite retailers because it’s difficult to capture on the internet. Community focused retails creates a bond with the customer. Supermarkets are successfully promoting farm shop bakeries and fruit and veg sections, country styled tasting tables.

When it comes down to shop-fitting traditional metal racking does nothing to enhance customers’ experience, strangely enough a few crates and a chalk board pen does!!

Linkshelving have seen a boom in demand for their rustic display equipment over the last four years. James Tweddell founder of Linkshelving says “we started producing crates for farm shops and deli’s, now we’ve a wide range of tables, shelves and stands, catering for community shops to supermarkets, department stores to post offices. Anyone who is wanting something a little rustic.


Artisan Crates, the range manufactured by Linkshelving, provides rustic shelving designed to inspire at good prices. We’d like to think the Artisan Crates offer the flexibility to satisfy most customers. Artisan Crates create the magic and they have been described to me by one customer like walking into the kitchens of Downton Abbey! They’re also been described as lego blocks. We’re also told, customers love the look.

We continue explore new ideas, listen to our customers and expand the range, we’ve recently developed; counters, ladder units, card and magazine racks. On our web site we have many illustrated combinations and examples, better still call us to discuss ways of giving your store an Artisan makeover.


Tel: 0207 9785793

Email: info@linkshelving.com


Twitter: @Linkshelving

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