RH Amar, the UK’s leading fine food importer and distributor, today announces the addition of Mutti, Italy’s best-selling tomato brand*, to its successful portfolio of best-selling authentic foods from around the globe.

Mutti-Products-finalJoining forces from 1st January 2015, RH Amar will be offering Mutti’s best-selling ranges of Finely Chopped Tomatoes), Passata, Tomato Purée, and Peeled Tomatoes – as they make their UK debuts.

Available to all channels – including grocery, wholesale, and foodservice – Mutti is aiming to replicate the same success it already enjoys throughout the world. Not only is Mutti Italy’s number one brand of tomatoes, it is also the best-selling Chopped Tomatoes brand in Austria, France and Sweden, as well as recording fast growth throughout Scandinavia, Germany and Benelux, and further afield in Japan and Australia**.

“With a record of supporting growth with eye-catching marketing throughout the globe, Mutti is well placed to make an impact in the UK market,” explains RH Amar Brand Manager James Amar. “The UK’s canned tomatoes category is worth £236 million, and we believe Mutti can drive further growth with its fantastic range of authentic Italian tomato offerings.”

The Mutti range is made from 100% Italian tomatoes harvested and processed in the Parma region of northern Italy at the height of summer to ensure that only tomatoes offering the best taste, colour and texture are used.

Working with trusted farmers – who each year compete for Mutti’s prestigious Pomodorino D’Oro, which rewards the 40 best supplying farms for commitment in the production of high quality tomatoes – all Mutti products are also non-GMO, are grown only in ‘open air’ fields, and are on average processed within two hours of picking.

“We are very excited to announce the addition of Mutti to our successful portfolio,” adds Simon Fry, Marketing Director at RH Amar. “The addition of Italy’s best-selling tomato brand alongside a fantastic portfolio that also includes Italy’s number one olive oil brand, Monini, reinforces our position as a one-stop shop for retailers, wholesalers and the foodservice sector’s fine food needs.”

Mutti will initially be available to the UK trade in the following formats:

Finely Chopped Tomatoes – Mutti’s special production process peels and chops the tomatoes into very fine pieces, removing any yellow or green parts, while maintaining all the freshness of recently harvested tomatoes. Perfect for serving with egg-based pasta, Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes are also suitable for baking and long-cooking times as well as with bruschetta or thick-crust pizza (RSP: £1.19/400g can).

Passata – with a brilliant red colour and a velvety consistency, Mutti Passata is perfect for making many quick dishes, including sauces for stuffed pasta and as a base for thin crust pizzas (RSP: £1.49/700g jar).

Every 100g of Double Concentrate Tomato Purée is made with 600g of fresh tomatoes, so this offering is perfect for dishes requiring an intense flavour, colour and aroma (RSP: £1.09/130g tube).

Peeled Tomatoes – an Italian classic, Mutti offers fleshy, firm tomatoes that have been peeled and bathed in a tasty, creamy tomato sauce. Tomatoes are picked and packed on the same day to ensure freshness. (RSP: £1.19/400g can).

* Mutti is number 1 in Italy across chopped tomatoes, passata and tomato purée(IRI YE 2013)

** IRI YE 2012


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