barry.jpgA brand new software solution that will dramatically increase the profit potential of multiple retailers has now been launched in the UK. AMP2 is the brainchild of Leeds based Retail Express and after 120 man years of research and development and a £15 million investment, the product is now ready to be released in the UK and is predicted by its creators to make a significant impact in this highly competitive sector. It is the most advanced intelligent merchandising solution currently available and the only single system that integrates, optimises and manages every aspect of a business’s Pricing, Promotion and Media – from initial planning to final evaluation.

Retail Express Chief Executive Barry Grange explained: “Retail Express was formed 4 years ago but we have deliberately waited to release AMP2 on the UK market because we wanted to be absolutely sure that we had created a unique offering that fulfils all the complex requirements of the multiple retail sector in this country.

We have already experienced considerable success in North America and Europe with the AMP2 suite. Our Price, Promotion and Advertising functionality fits very well with HI LO and Value retailers, and as we now bring Advanced Forecasting and Optimisation into the overall product, AMP2 is ready to be released here in the UK, to meet the sophistication of the UK Retailers – we offer a single solution that is way ahead of the competition.”

AMP2 is more than just retail management software, it is a scientific solution underpinned by advanced tools but, perhaps most importantly of all, it is a highly intuitive and usable system that can be easily installed to all major UK chains. It has a number of USP’s including:

  • End to end Merchandising created by retailers for retailers.
  • Integrated pricing promotions and advertising.
  • Advanced forecasting and optimisation with a high level of accuracy.
  • Highly scalable technology and architecture.

Barry added: “The UK retail sector is highly competitive and with the increased pressure imposed by the credit crunch and ever increasing commodity prices, it is vital that businesses maximise their potential profits, AMP2 can help them to achieve this by accurately managing all pricing, promotions, marketing and advertising.

“For example, the product is able to forecast the impact on related products of reducing the price of a specific product, or promoting that product and calculate the cannibalisation affects in addition to the lift on the promoted line. A full analysis of the pantry effect is also available.

“Following the installation of AMP2 Retail Express also offers extensive product consulting, training and on-going customer support to ensure that the system continues to function efficiently and to its maximum potential.

Barry concluded: “All of us at Retail Express come from a retail background and have all experienced the many challenges that retail businesses in this country face on a daily basis, so we feel justifiably proud to have designed a solution that will have a very real and positive impact.

“One of our customers, the Canadian Overwaitea Food Group, which has over 120 outlets, has even gone so far as to say that they can’t operate their business without AMP2!”

Retail Express will be officially launching AMP2 at Retail Solutions at London Excel from 24 to 26 June 2008. Visit them on stand number C6 for a demonstration of AMP2.

Retail Express
Tel: 0113 244 4663

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