byowipe-byocare-byodet-byosan-nov-09Byotrol, the ground-breaking anti-microbial technology has been used to create the world’s first hand sanitiser to receive Halal accreditation, a huge breakthrough for Muslims working in the food manufacture, food service, food retail and catering industries.

In the past, Muslims  have had to put their ethics to one side and use alcohol-based hand gels in order to comply with ever-stringent food hygiene and general health and safety regulations. Now the European Halal Development Agency (EDHA) has approved the use of Byotrol hand foam, Muslim workers have an approved alternative, which research has shown is even more effective that alcohol based formulations.

Mohammad Nazir, head of EHDA said: “This development is truly excellent new for the many practicing Muslims around the world that have strong ethical concerns over contact with alcohol.

“The EDHA certification is not just about non-alcohol, but also about all the ingredients being from Halal sources, combined with the fact that the production process conforms to halal requirements.”

Byotrol hand foam’s revolutionary anti-microbial formulation has been proven in independent laboratory tests to deliver increased protection against bacteria and viruses, including the swine flu virus and MRSA. The product uses water based micro-polymer technology which forms an invisible protective layer on any surface, be it human hands or a kitchen floor. It safely and effectively continues to kill bugs for up to 17 hours after being applied, unlike alcohol-based products which stop working as soon as they dry.

Despite its superior germ killing properties, Byotrol is completely safe to use. This means it is perfect for use across health, hygiene, food production and catering applications, or anywhere where both enhanced sanitisation and safety is required.

David McRobbie, CEO Byotrol said: “Our hand foam represents a far more effective alternative to NHS approved alcohol hand gels for everyone. It is more effective, kinder to skin and is not open to misuse and focuses on delivering easier, cleaner and safer lives for everyone.”

Halal certification (EHDA No. 200903) applies to the full range of Byotrol products and processes.

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