Babies and children have the softest, most delicate skin and parents know that using harsh cleansing chemicals on them is a big ‘no-no’. Even the brands that claim to be gentle on baby skin can still contain traces of alcohol or other toxic chemicals. As a parent, you want to be able to cleanse your child and their items with the most natural products possible.


The answer is Aquaint, an award-winning revolutionary, 100% NATURAL sanitising water for your little ones and you. It’s strong enough to kill germs, yet it’s safe enough to spray in your mouth. An alcohol-free way to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, Aquaint can be sprayed on everything from skin to surfaces without the need to rinse. It is available in a handy family-sized spray and a portable travel size spray.

Water is the base of the cleanser and the natural antibacterial ingredient is added in to make it extra powerful but remaining mild and extremely safe. This antibacterial ingredient is the same substance produced in our bodies to fight bacteria and other harmful germs, and is the only other ingredient in Aquaint other than water. Aquaint can be used to cleanse the hands and pretty much any part of the body, even sensitive skin, without drying it out or producing any irritating effects. In fact it has been endorsed by Allergy UK, it is ‘Hypo Allergenic’ and suitable for use for those with conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Asthma. Aquaint is also Doctor approved and recommended and is fully supported by the NCT (National Childbirth Trust).

Aquaint is the baby essential (and a ‘Right Start’ Best Baby Essentials 2013 award winner) – with multiple uses including nappy changes, travelling, high chairs, toys, and even teething rings (or other items that go in the mouth!) and breast pumps; swiftly cleaning and killing bacteria without the need to rinse. Aquaint is so safe that it can be used on your newborn’s sensitive skin, equally safe if ingested – so you can spray it directly on a dropped apple, pear, carrot, lollipop and know that your baby will be safe from harmful bacteria. Aquaint is that safe it passed official UK drinking water tests.

SRPAquaint is available in two sizes, a 500ml bottle (RRP £4.99) for use at home, and a 50ml travel size (RRP £2.49), ideal for keeping clean on the go – the perfect handbag size!

Through a strategic alliance with Vital Baby, Vital Baby Aquaint is now on sale in all major Boots stores nationwide and in JoJo Maman Bébé. Aquaint is also stocked and available from the NCT, available in 13 countries and is expected to become available within the UK supermarket and grocery sector during the first half of 2014.

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