Republic Technologies (UK), market leading experts in matches and lighters, is launching a stylish new range of household lighters to re-invigorate the category.

Available now, By candlelight and lumière (RRP: £2.99) have been developed to the highest safety specification, reflecting the latest and safest technology, with a sophisticated design that guarantees fixture standout.

“The UK candle lighters market is currently worth £432k*1 and with over 94% of candle lighter sales in supermarkets*1, it identifies a huge opportunity for the grocery channel. Following the recent withdrawal of the biggest supplier of candle lighters, there’s a gap in the market for a proven supplier of quality lighters to bring sales and growth to the market,” says Gavin Anderson, General Sales Manager at Republic Technologies.

The UK candle market is now the second biggest in Europe, currently worth £1.9bn, and has shown 16% volume growth over the last four years*2.

“In recent years, candles have shifted from being a functional purchase to a lifestyle purchase for many. On average, consumers now purchase six candles a year*2 and shoppers are increasingly looking for a quality lighter that is stylish enough to have on display in their home; our new range delivers on both counts,” continues Anderson.

By candlelight and lumière have undergone rigorous safety testing, providing the quality and safety assurance that is important to shoppers when purchasing a household lighter. Each product:

  • Conformed to ISO 22702:2018, which covers the safety standards specific to utility lighters
  • Piezo ignition via child resistant button
  • Fixed flame technology, delivering guaranteed flame height
  • Made of POM, a type of thermoplastic, which allows the lighters to be thin but strong with good gas capacity
  • Capacity for around 400 lights per fill and is refillable

The long lasting and durable lighters are available in a range of six metallic colours and offer shoppers a classy and elegant solution in shelf ready packaging to highlight the stylish design of the lighter.

For retailers interested in stocking the range, please contact

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