Leading vape company RELX International continues to lead on corporate responsibility within the industry after pledging a brand-new initiative – committing the brand to exceptionally high standards and first-rate quality products for consumers.

As e-cigarette use has seen wider adoption in the UK amongst adult vapers and smokers, the need for better quality testing in the industry has become increasingly important, according to the experts at RELX.

In line with RELX’s commitment to create the best products and vaping experiences that set the bar for the industry, as well as the safety of consumers, the brand has recently launched an initiative promising to maintain superior quality standards, to ensure the safety of existing adult smokers.

As part of the commitment, RELX maintains rigorous testing and quality standards that follow all laws and standards for e-cigarette products.

The initiative has seen the brand set up five labs over the past three years to create a full-scale quality testing system that also enables its experts to advance research into e-cigarettes and vapor products.

RELX International’s standards procedures include physical and chemical stability requirements, impurity and pollutant limit requirements, and stringent requirements for the amounts of certain compounds and materials used within e-liquids and e-cigarette devices.

The production process incorporates 58 inspection procedures before RELX International even begins manufacturing a product. During the manufacture of its products, all devices are subject to 18 rigorous quality control steps.

Furthermore, the RELX factory is one of the largest exclusive e-cigarette factories in the world for an independent e-cigarette company, and it has received numerous international quality certifications.

Chris Aikens, External Affairs Manager in Europe for RELX International, said: “RELX International is committed to creating the best products, experiences and safety that set the bar higher.

“We maintain rigorous testing and quality standards that meet all laws and standards for e-cigarette products. The research and development experts at our premises work tirelessly to ensure we only produce the highest quality e-liquids and e-cigarette devices.

“Through these processes, which are some of the most stringent in the entire industry, we have guaranteed that all stages — including quality control, material sourcing, production, and final assembly — are as effective as possible.

“This ultimately benefits the end user, bolstering certainty about the products they are using.”

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