Rectella International – the leading manufacturer of barbeques, wood burning stoves and cooking fuel – has added two new products to its 2011 range under its Bar-Be-Quick brand – the charcoal Smoker and Grill Barbeque and the Barrel Smoker Barbeque.

The Smoker and Grill Barbeque

(RRP £79.99) has many extra features that go above and beyond regular grilling, making it great value for money for customers. Equipped to grill, steam, roast and smoke, the new multi-purpose barbeque enables wholesalers and retailers to offer consumers a four-in-one outdoor cooking solution.

Users can roast food by sealing the barbeque with its lid. Alternatively, the steel pan can also be filled with water, wine or herbs to steam food, making it flavoursome and tender.

This barbeque also has a deluxe dual-level charcoal smoker/grill, heat indicator and front-hinged access door that make it easy to use.

Case dimensions: 18.3”L x 18.3”W x 20”H RRP £79.99.

The Barrel Smoker Barbeque

(RRP £199.99) is a sturdy, triple-purpose barbeque that’s ideal for grilling, roasting and smoking. Retailers can position this to the barbeque enthusiast who cooks outdoors regularly as they will benefit from endless use out of this product.

Users can smoke food easily using the Bar-be-Quick barrel barbeque. The charcoal is placed in the offset firebox and the smoke then travels up into the food chamber, through the food and out the chimney. Smoking chips can also be added to the charcoal for additional flavour.

Grilling is possible using either the offset chamber for smaller amounts of food, or the main chamber for larger amounts or bigger cuts of meat by cooking directly over the charcoal.

David Eventhall, chairman at Rectella International, said: “As the UK’s leading manufacturer of barbeques and barbequing equipment, we’re delighted with the brand new Smoker and Grill Barbeque and the rest of our range for 2011. It’s a fantastic addition to our existing product range as it allows retailers and wholesalers to offer customers a unique, cost effective and alternative outdoor cooking system.”

Rectella also offers the original instant barbeques to retailers under its Bar-Be-Quick brand:

Instant Barbeques

Bar-Be-Quick is home to the original Instant Barbeque, so retailers can rest assured that they are selling the most established and recognisable brand on the market. As Rectella’s flagship product it is available in two sizes – regular (25cm x 30cm) and party (32cm x 52cm) – shopkeepers and wholesalers can cater for customers’ varied demands. Both are ready to use in 20 minutes after lighting and cook for up to 1.5 hours.

In order to help wholesalers and cash and carrys drive sales to pubs, cafes and independent shops, the instant barbeques are available to sell individually and as a Festival Pack (12 standard size and a re-usable stand, RRP £39.99), Instant 12 Pack (12 standard size RRP £35.00) and Party Size 5 Pack (RRP £34.99).

Bar-Be-Quick also offers a full range of fuel, including instant lighting charcoal, lumpwood charcoal and briquettes.

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