Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland enlists The Logic Group to unify and launch loyalty programme in over 190 stores across Ireland.

Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland (MRPI) is the retail franchise division of the Musgrave Group, which works with entrepreneurial, independent food retailers across Ireland. MRPI provides the retailers associated with its brands with an innovative and effective retail model including all the operational and financial tools and expertise necessary to promote excellence, quality and customer service at affordable prices.


Customer interaction and loyalty specialist, The Logic Group, was selected by MRPI to manage the ‘Real Rewards’ Customer Loyalty Solution in association with MRPI’s SuperValu brand, which has over 190 franchised stores across Ireland. The Logic Group was selected to design and deploy a loyalty solution that would:

• Unify various paper-based loyalty programmes operating in a number of SuperValu stores.

• Provide an automated, hosted, secure platform for data transfer and member management

• Be aligned to Musgrave’s core values

• Deliver innovative and flexible functionality to drive customer loyalty and long-term engagement

• Enable Musgrave to promote a unified national brand presence

• Bestow local retailers with autonomy to combat local competition and support community initiatives


The technology was configured and deployed over an 11 month period. The Real Rewards loyalty programme has now been deployed across over 95% of the SuperValu retail estate with approximately 190 stores now live. The platform has successfully provided an automated replacement to the paper-based programme, whilst continuing to promote the existing national Getaway Breaks initiative.

The sophisticated back-end solution integrates with the Point of Sale where members can earn and redeem points for multiple concurrent offers; this facilitates the separation and management of national brand initiatives versus local promotions. Retailers are also provided with controlled and secure web access to the back-end platform for “self-serve” customer service and programme configuration.

The Logic Group has successfully delivered an enterprise class, innovative and feature-rich platform for customer loyalty management. Its proven, consultative orientation to solution design has been instrumental to understanding MRPI’s business needs, objectives and challenges in the competitive market place. This methodology enabled The Logic Group to work in partnership with MRPI from the outset to design the end-to-end customer journey, the SuperValu retailer loyalty proposition and MRPI’s own interaction channels with the programme; all of which were imperative to understand both independently and in conjunction, in order to deliver programme success in a complex and dynamic franchise engagement model.

The Logic Group’s Managed Loyalty Service has been successfully and smoothly integrated across the SuperValu estate with all three of MRPI’s EPoS vendors. A key focus for this integration and delivery was to minimise the impact on existing systems, an objective which has been accomplished. Real Rewards was deployed with little to no change to the existing PoS hardware or the MRPI infrastructure and the platform was also integrated via webservices to two of MRPI’s programme reward vendors. Additionally since launch, Real Rewards has been integrated with the new SuperValu e-commerce site. This has provided yet another customer interaction channel and greater customer choice and flexibility; essential factors in customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Results and comments

Recent results have shown that member engagement with the programme, via the nationally advertised 5% offer, is significantly high in comparison with industry standards; and with a low margin-impact on retailers. Additionally, members are also continuing to spend more (double digit % growth) as a result of the new offer and the Real Rewards community fund element has had a definitive positive impact on perceived programme value.

Maria Kidney, of the MRPI Innovation Team, comments: “The Real Rewards loyalty programme has been firmly established as a distinguishing feature of the SuperValu brand and is now an integral vehicle for MRPI’s marketing strategy. This represents a notable progression in cross-company outlook and strongly endorses MRPI’s commitment to the core value of building long-term stable relationships both with retailers and consumers.

“There has been a clear shift in retailer behaviour in embracing the opportunities that loyalty programmes can bring. Through The Logic Group’s Business Intelligence and Insight services, retailers are taking a proactive interest in utilising both behavioural and attitudinal data to structure relevant programme marketing and to drive repeat customer behaviour. With this approach, we feel that programme success will continue.”

Mark Kusionowicz, Marketing Director for The Logic Group comments: “The Logic Group has worked in partnership with the MRPI team not only for technology, but has also upheld a strategic consultancy standpoint from project conception. Our industry expertise and guidance has helped MRPI to shape a loyalty programme that has met its initial objectives and continues to grow. It is clear from the breadth of customer choice within the programme’s offerings and the unmistakable visibility of the new community donation scheme, that MRPI’s proactive desire to give something back is influencing member performance for the better.”

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