groupcropped2With the latest addition of Readi-Bake Cupcakes to CSM United Kingdom’s, thaw and serve range of finished bakery products, it is now even easier to meet consumers’ needs, and react to demand quickly with fresh tasting and appealing cupcakes. Readi-Bake Cupcakes are available in three delicious flavours, Chocolate Swirl, Zesty Lemon and Strawberry Swirl. These soft and moist sponge cupcakes are filled and frosted for an indulgent taste and luxury appearance that is right on trend to meet the cupcake’s consumer popularity.

Readi-Bake Cupcakes are suitable for all types, of food retail outlets; all you need is a freezer to provide your customer with fresh, tasty, appealing treats for any time of the day and potentially all day – so you never miss an opportunity as it takes just 90 minutes to defrost at 15-20 degrees.

Enjoyed by young and old cupcakes are perfect for a lunch or coffee break treat and also ideal for parties and events as cupcakes are now the wedding cake of choice for 50 percent of all brides, providing an individual treat for guests, whilst at kids’ parties children simply adore the ‘all for me’ full cake appeal.

Readi-Bake Cupcakes provide a better quality taste remaining fresher than long life ambient products. With no wastage, no baking time, unit cost and profit ratio are easily calculated so you can easily build Readi-Bake Cupcakes into your budget and watch the profits rise. With over 8 million households buying cupcakes and a UK category growth rate for Cup and Fairy Cakes of 22%* there has never been a better opportunity to cash in on cupcakes with Readi-Bake Cupcakes.

With a flavour to suit every consumer and complement any menu, Readi-Bake Cupcakes are the ideal minimal fuss and effort addition for any retailer. All the cupcakes are individually created to encapsulate and enhance the flavours of each variant, to give the consumer a fuller taste experience.

Chocolate Swirl Cupcake – Indulgent Soft Chocolate sponge cupcake topped with a swirl of creamy chocolate flavoured frosting and chocolate crispies.

Zesty Lemon Cupcake – Delicious vanilla sponge cupcake with a rich lemon curd centre, iced with tangy lemon flavoured frosting, with a sprinkling of sugar nibs.

Strawberry Swirl Cupcake – Moist vanilla sponge cupcake, with strawberry crispies and filled with a fruity strawberry jam, is covered with a swirl of strawberry flavoured frosting and chocolate pieces.

Readi-Bake Cupcakes are available in pack sizes of 12, can be ordered by the layer of 8 cases.

*Kantar Worldpanel 52we 5th September 2010

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