New from Vanish, the UK’s leading stain removal expert, comes an innovation in stain removal in the form of a pre- treat spray that can be used on clothes for up to seven days before they are washed. The new Vanish Stain Stop Aerosol will be a for boon for busy, cost and energy conscious households as it will enable stained clothes to sit in the laundry basket without the stain setting until there are enough clothes to make up a full wash.

Vanish Stain Stop starts to work as soon as it is applied and like all Vanish products will remove even the toughest stains. The item of clothing can then wait for up to seven days without the stain setting in the fabric until it is washed. Vanish Stain Stop is even effective at a 30 wash.

At RB we listen to our customers and understand how annoying it can be to see a stain on your clothes when you are wearing them, then put the garment in the laundry basket and forget about it until you have washed and dried it only to see the stain still there. We think our new Vanish Stain Stop Aerosol is a really exciting and truly innovative product. It should be kept by the laundry basket and applied there and then. You can then forget about that stain confident in the knowledge that you won’t be seeing it again! RB UK Marketing Director, Jerome Lemaire.

Vanish Stain Stop Aerosol 300ml RRP £4.59

Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

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