Studies have shown that retailers can achieve significant savings on energy consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions with the installation of an ingenious voltage optimisation unit specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. Independent research has shown that the VO4 3phase 100A solution can deliver average savings of around 10% on electricity bills whilst prolonging the lifespan of electrical equipment.


Following a successful trial of the VO4 3phase 100A unit in six stores in the Portsmouth and Southampton areas, the Co-operative has decided to extend the pilot scheme to a further 22 stores in Plymouth. Committed to reducing its gross greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2020 the ethical retailer has found the typical savings to be almost 10% and protection from high voltage achieved by the VO4 system is very encouraging.

A Londis shop in Nafferton, North Yorkshire, has also seen a significant reduction in electricity bills, nearly £1,000 per year, thanks to a pilot study conducted at the premises. The shop has three freezer units, two wine chiller fridges and a large open chilled display cabinet. The electricity usage is at its peak during the summer as refrigeration is the highest consumer of electricity. With a typical electricity bill of £8,000 per annum a saving in year one of £985 offers a significant reduction.

Voltage optimisation is a simple solution to help retailers save money without effecting business operations. Electrical equipment is designed to operate efficiently at 220V but power is supplied in the UK at approximately 240V. By reducing the voltage supply to 220V a voltage optimisation unit helps to save energy, money and reduce carbon emissions. It also improves the quality of the power by levelling out the potentially damaging harmonics and transients. By eliminating the power surges and excess voltage, which can manifest in overheating and vibration, maximum efficiency can be achieved and the lifespan of electrical equipment extended.

Designed and manufactured in Britain the VO4 3phase 100A unit is easy to install, there is no need to change energy supplier and once installed maintenance is not required.

There is now considerable published evidence of the effectiveness of Voltage Optimisation, particularly in the retail sector for large supermarkets. The VO4 range of units now brings these benefits to smaller retailers.


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