Radnor Hills have recently announced they will be launching a 50% recycled plastic bottle in a bid to support the UK Government proposals on plastic waste.

The soft drinks manufacturer based in Powys mid-Wales are aiming to achieve a stricter and much more improved environmental management system and launch the new bottle this Spring!

Managing director William Watkins comments: “We are very aware of our environmental responsibilities as we abstract our pure spring water from the land around us. This includes our commitment to ensure that we minimise our packaging requirements and work towards a system that recycles our bottles and packaging. We are currently working with our suppliers, government bodies and our trade association to increase the level of recycled material that is available so that we can introduce recycled material into our bottles. We will launch a spring water bottle made out of 50% recycled material during the Spring of 2018 and will increase the distribution of this product as supplies of RPET increase. This will be greatly helped by a deposit return scheme which we fully support.”

Radnor Hills will also work where possible to create a closed loop system with their suppliers for all waste created on site. All waste streams that can be recycled from their production processes are recycled. Radnor Hills have had a constant programme in place for the last ten years of light weighting their packaging and they now have the lightest bottles available to them whilst not effecting functionality or quality.

Currently all of the plastic and glass bottles Radnor Hills produce are 100% recyclable so that they can be remanufactured into a multitude of items. Bottles can be recycled to make T shirts, sweaters, fleece jackets, insulation, sleeping bags, carpeting and of course plastic bottles. It takes 10 bottles to make a T shirt and 63 bottles to make a sweater.



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