GT – What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

Sharing my lifetime experience and knowledge of skincare issues and the healing properties of the sea, whilst enhancing other people’s lives and beauty regimes.

Jane-SeacremeGT – Who’s inspired you most in your career?

My plastic surgeon who, not only saved my life over 50 years ago but, encouraged me to believe there is no such word as can’t. This is where I learnt in order to survive from such horrific injuries I had to get better not bitter.

GT – If you were an item in a supermarket, what would you be?

My product range harnesses the healing power of the sea so I would have to be Sea Salt, I am genuinely passionate about all things sea-based. The salt contained in the sea water helps remove toxins from the skin and acts as a natural exfoliator. Sea water can reduce inflammation and help cure many skin disorders.

GT – If you had to do it all over again, what would you do different?

I am not sure I’d do anything differently. Bringing the Seacreme range to market has been the most recent part of a very long and complex journey for me. The product range was born out of my life experiences and learnings. Translating those learnings, developing a new product range and then bringing it to market has been complex but I always try and find a positive spin on every experience and embrace it.

GT -What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work?

On my first pitch to a major retailer I hadn’t quite mastered the art of putting up a promotional pop up banner I thought I had set up it correctly but not being very tall I hadn’t quite clipped it in at the top. Half way through my presentation, the whole banner collapsed, embarrassed was an under-statement. But I still managed to achieve shelf space – so not so bad!

GT -Who or what makes you laugh?

My three darling pugs, who bring joy and happiness in to my life each and every day. It’s true Pugs really do the funniest things!

GT – Do you have any hidden talents?

Interior design has always been something I have a natural flair for and I love renovating properties.

GT -Who would be your favourite party guest?

Diana Ross – or any of the great Motown artists.

GT -What is the greatest luxury in your life?

My treasured Chanel handbag, my very own little piece of luxury.

GT -What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

Champagne is always the answer!

GT – Do you have any secret ambitions?

I plan to expand the Seacreme range and then I would really love to open a Seacreme shop – after all if you can dream it you can do it.

GT -What’s your dream holiday destination?

It would always have to be somewhere near the sea so the Seychelles, the climate and the culture draws me in and looks like paradise.

GT – What are your three favourite movies of all time?

Pretty Woman, Meet The Parents and Little Voice.

GT -What is your favourite book of all time?

Anything with an autobiographical theme.

GT -What’s your favourite pastime?

Walking with the pugs, and a quick game of Pooh Sticks on the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, my little haven of tranquillity.

GT – If you won the Lottery, what would you do?

Open a Seacreme shop and develop more Seacreme products, have a cleaner and treat myself to a Range Rover.

GT – What would be your advice to someone thinking about coming into this industry (apart from “don’t do it”)?

If it doesn’t scare you, you’re not aiming high enough. The fear pushes you on to succeed, so go for it, life is short so take every opportunity put in your path. And at least you can say you’ve tried. Nothing ventured nothing gained. SEACREME

Seacreme is an innovative range of sea mineral based products that have been developed to harness the power of the sea. Our product range was born from my lifetime experience and knowledge of ‘The Power Of The Sea’ having experienced its healing benefits first hand as I recovered from serious burns and multiple resulting operations throughout my life. I have taken that experience and worked with experts to extract those healing properties, so beneficial for the skin. Our product range contains a number of key minerals but a key ingredient is Himalayan sea salt. The range continues to evolve and we have a number of exciting new products in development.

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