Until now Brazilian honey has been a rare find in the UK- but that is all about to change. Pure Brazil are launching their first honey this month. Brazilian beekeeper Dimas Manoel and his British wife Rachael founded Pure Brazil in 2011, to meet growing consumer demand for organic, active and traceable honey. “Our region in Brazil is one of the only places in the world where it is possible to produce raw, organic honey of this quality and in this quantity.” Dimas confirms

Pure Brazil’s Organic Wildflower Honey is unheated, unpasteurised and unblended. In this raw state, natural enzyme activity flourishes – maximising its pre-biotic value. And because it is organic there are neither pesticides nor artificial agents to detract from its natural purity. “We see a large potential within the market for raw active honeys which are also organic. That way the consumer has the benefit of the pre-biotic enzymes naturally present and confidence in the integrity of the honey” comments Rachael.

The emerging two tier structure of the honey market is reflecting consumer’s differentiation between mass-produced blended commercial honeys and awareness of the natural benefits of pure, organic, raw, high quality honey. However the latter can only be produced within an untouched environment. Pure Brazil is focused on presenting honeys which have been produced organically by Dimas’s family for generations. According to Dimas ” This honey is only produced in this region, on a plateau 2000m above the sea, reached by a long winding track of some 12km. It is remote – to get the honey into the valley, we first had to build the road!”

Pure Brazil Organic Wildflower Honey is gathered in a beautiful region of rich bio-diversity. Here, the unspoilt, thriving ecosystem, including abundant medicinal wildflowers, result in this unique, pure, organic honey which carries a deliciously fruity flavour. “We feel consumers demand a honey which isn’t only healthy, but tastes delicious too…” comments Rachael.

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